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May 12, 2013 09:00 AM

Mothers Day 2013......

First and foremost a heart filled Happy Mother's Day to all of Chow moms themselves, but also to all our respective mothers as well.

While I personally am fortunate enough to still be able to share this day with my mother, in dining terms, we are savoring the desert of life for as long as we can.

Mom not being "up" to dining out too often is coming over shortly and has requested penne in a vodka sauce. The mother of my children, has requested broccoli rabe which will be served sautéed, as a side, as well as stuffed inside chicken breast, with 4 cheeses and sausage. A nice light summer salad will start the meal, it's about quality over quantity these days.

Please use this thread to share a bit of your Mothers Day 2013 with the rest of us, and once again a happy and healthy to you and yours.

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  1. Happy MD to all.

    I made egg salad, chicken salad, and, best of all, lobster salad and we had awesome sandwiches and salads for brunch with the extended family. My daughter made a chocolate cake with raspberry in the middle layer and ganache all over for dessert. By 3:00 we were alone and fat.

    1. What a beautiful post! I will proudly share my wonderful mother's day too! My wonderful son and his lovely wife made an incredible brunch for the family. All my chidren and all our dogs were invited. I was incredibly happy sharing the day with our entire family! My son and his bride cooked pancakes, turkey bacon, spicy chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, bagels and bread, arepeas ( not sure of spelling but they were delicious!) ropa vieja yellow rice and beans, guacamole, frittata, freshly squeezed orange juice,banana bread there was more but I can't remember! However, my husband and I ate way far too much and had a beautiful loving day worthy of a tear or two on the way home. My son and his wife have notched another loving memory in our hearts. Thanks for sharing your day Jr and Seal, sounds like your homes were filled with love too.

      1. Nice thread and story JR. Son and dil made waffles, fresh fruit, pastries and some French Press coffee. Beautiful day out here, 80 with a nice breeze. Wishing all the moms out there the very best!

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          Wife wanted McDonald's for lunch (oh well, she's entitled). Mother in law wanted Bertucci's (SOOO sick of that place and their food), so we got take-out. It's either that or Sultan Wok, which I won't eat food from again. At least not the one in Highland Park.

          Carvel ice cream cake for dessert (wife's choice, again).

          Tried to go to Noodles & Co. in East Brunswick for lunch, but they were strangely closed at 1pm on a Sunday. And again when we passed by at 7pm.

          1. re: MarlboroMan

            Noodles first day is tomorrow. Saturday was a sneak preview.

        2. On your recommendation, we went to Christine's in Atlantic Highlands for dinner, and it was terrific! Thank you for your reviews of the place. To anyone who hasn't been there yet, try to go soon. I am sure that once Sandy Hook opens, a table will be hard to come by. The Italian egg rolls were amazing. Our entrees were the veal milanese, the shrimp ala griglia, chicken danielle and a shrimp w/ linguine and spinach, which was a daily special. All four entrees were delicious. The portions are quite generous, so there was no room for desert, but we will definitely be going back, so maybe next time.

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            Wait? What.....? Hello......testing 1, 2, 3,....testing 1,2,3.....Hello is this thing on?? Someone actually listened to me!?!?!?

            Thanks for the acknowledgement......I'm glad you liked it. I've got to tell you this place has quickly become one of my favorite little spots. I've become rather friendly with Ron (the owner/chef) and truly appreciate his energy. I also enjoy during the week it's a little I can bring my bottle and sit and enjoy a very leisurely un-rushed experience.

          2. An early afternoon luncheon, a menage trois if you will with my wife, a bottle of Mendocino Pinot Noir and I. Loin of lamb pops, & tabouli. This was a picnic foray and we laid out a blanket and dined at Deep Cut Park (just below the koi ponds) down on the grassy knoll. Was a bit breezy, but the warmth of the sun was just perfect. Dessert were these wonderful brownies (made by a niece for a party Saturday nite - and were done up with a thermos of green tea with fresh ginger & honey).