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Toronto Burger Week - May 29 to June 2, 2013 - AYCE event on June 2, 2013

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Posted in the Events thread last week about this but figure this might generate a bunch of discussion when the week is on.


Up to 70 restaurants participating this year.

The event on June 2nd is being done a bit differently this year. It is being done as a $30 all you can eat slider setup. Curious to see how it will all play out.

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  1. Starts tomorrow. Menus are up

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      Does anyone have any recommendations based on last year? I'm not a burger fanatic, but I thought that it might be fun to try.. anything good central or west?

      1. re: rstuart

        The single greatest burger I've ever eaten was at BP on Yonge last year on the Saturday of BW. We did a head to head of 4 places and of the 5 of us, all picked BP as first place.


        1. re: Davwud

          My son cooked there all last year. Huge line up every time I dropped into town to see him.

          1. re: Davwud

            So I went to BP to get their special and it turns out they're not participating in Burger Week. Oh well. Ordered a double cheeseburger w/ no additional toppings. It was the best burger I had since BW started. Meat was flavorful and perfectly cooked, cheese was melty and added the right amount of salt.

            The Holy Chuck entry looks nice and bacony. Anyone tried it?

            1. re: GoodGravy

              Where did you see they were taking part?

              1. re: MissBingBing

                Nowhere apparently. I just assumed they'd participate.

      2. Had Big Smoke's entry for lunch. Feta, grilled peppers and "green goddess" dressing which tasted citrus-y. Lots of flavor with the taste of the meat still coming through.

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          I just had this one for lunch today at Yorkdale along with another coworker. Was yours feta? Ours had goat cheese on it. In any case, we both thought it tasted great. We also both made it a combo with onion rings (a generous serving of the breaded variety, large and which were easy to bite through).

          1. re: sumashi

            That's good to here.. the Big Smoke on King is near home, so that sounds fun. Davwud.. pardon my ignorance, but what is BP?

        2. I had the chopped beef sandwich at AAA Bar (Triple A bar). It was okay for $5. I would say it was pretty decent for $5. However, the normal price is $12!!!! Not a burger and I knew that going into it (was in the area) but I think they should stick to featuring places with a burger instead making it so broad to try to include more spots.

          Anyone else going on Sunday to the event?

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            I'm going to go. Let me know if your stopping by.

          2. Had The Works entry for lunch today. Took about 17 minutes from the time I placed my order to when they handed me "The Grid". Double 4 oz patties, havarti, 2 slices of bacon instead of 4 double smoked slices as mentioned in their description, caramelized onions and chipotle ketchup. Sounds good, right? The burgers were cooked medium (yay!) which was probably an accident, but flavor-wise, the sweet onions and pleasant heat from the chipotle were all I could taste. The meat, cheese and supposedly double smoked bacon lacked flavor, or at least couldn't stand up to the ketchup and onions. Lastly, I had to sit the bottom bun on a napkin to soak up all the grease that it collected on the walk back to the office. So there you go, good quantity, not as much flavor as you'd expect, and more grease than you need.

            And @sumashi, you're right, it was goat cheese, not feta on Big Smoke's entry.

            1. Sunday's event has received a ton of media attention so I expect it will be an absolute zoo. I'd recommend arriving early to beat the TUM style lineups and vendors running out early.

              1. Checked out Samuel J. Moore's burger week. Hand chopped sirloin. The patty was a bit dry, which is normal since its all sirloin they are using. However the worst part was that the burger, the fries, the salad...all were really underseasoned. Now, take this complaint with a grain of salt (ha...), because this just means my particular cook at that moment wasn't seasoning his food properly. Maybe everyone else does...maybe he was just busy and forgot...I cannot believe thats how the chef specified he wants his food sent out.

                If the burger, fries, and salad were properly seasoned it would have been a pretty decent meal. I debated in my mind whether or not to mention it to the server. I usually don't, but I feel the kitchen should know and wanted to mention it somehow in a polite way. Unfortunately the server didn't come back until we were finished (we had wanted more drinks, but they didn't come around). The burger itself was well cooked. They take temps and our burgers were cooked perfectly to order. I should really start carrying some maldon and kosher salt on me when I go out....

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                  I don't think this was a one time mistake. I had the burger there a couple of months back, and it was honestly one of the worst burgers I've had in the city. Dry, tasteless, and horrible. In fairness I had the brunch burger, so it may be a different patty than what they put in the regular burger, but it was shockingly bad.

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                    i went with a team of 9 around 9:30 on friday and we thought this was one of the better burgers we had that night (although the others weren't great - lakeview and dakota tavern)

                    i suggested to a friend to check out on saturday and he agreed too. he went to 7 places saturday and said holy chuck and samuel j moore's were in his top - but stockyards was sold out.

                  2. We went early today - i think we had the first burger!

                    Loved the Happy Hooker's shrimp pattie, Eleven's meatball slider and Emma's Chickpea and corn fritter slider. Oliffe was yummy, Stockyard's chicken fried burger was wayyyyyyyyyy too rich for me. Barque's ham-burger was also delish. I was stuffed by 11:45 but had to go back for another shrimp slider.

                    Too bad about the ridiculous weather - but the line ups were growing when we left at 12:30..

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                      It was a good thing you went early....

                      I was helping out for a bit with the event but I saw a lot of things they could have done to improve it...After that BIG rain that came down people showed up in droves. They really should have cut off ticket sales at some point because there were too many people and a lot of places were selling out. There was one section that was like mud bath and I didn't even bother walking around that area.

                      Highlights for me were also the Emma's Chickpea fritter (makes me want to go and check out their restaurant), also the lamb burger from The Beat was good. A friend had the Rock Lobster offering and she said it was horrible, it was the only one she couldn't eat and tossed, way too salty. There was a huge line for it too.
                      Overall, I would say it was a good value for $30 plus portion of proceeds went to The Stop. If you went there after like 2pm then it probably was very frustrating waiting in line to line but CHers should know by now to get to these kind of events early :)

                      hungryabbey just saw your post today, hope you enjoyed it. Saw after the fact your twitter pics.

                      1. re: ylsf

                        Emma's puts out great food across the board....but it's a busy place now.

                        1. re: ylsf

                          Yah, i had a lot of fun actually. But I got there at 1045, and walked right in, and was right beside Rock Lobster and all them when they opened up shop so I got the first burgers at a lot of places. The longest I waited was for Stockyards which was about 5 minutes before they even started serving lol So I got in and out and did a lot of caloric damage fast. We were there when the first big downpoor came, we hid under the Lakeview's booth for about 5 minutes and then came out and it was fine.
                          It was tremendously good value if you ask me.
                          Highlights for me were Stockyards and Holy Chuck.

                          1. re: hungryabbey

                            Yeah, I had pretty much the exact same timing as you, and the crowds were perfectly fine. I had already eaten nine burgers by the time the downpour came. I hid in the building during the rain then had one more and called it a day. I really liked the burger from the Stockyards, but my favourite was from Lisa Marie, oddly enough. I wasn't expecting much from them but the burger was pretty magnificent.

                      2. Did anyone else see the lady filling up an lcbo bag? She was grabbing burgers and just putting them in. My friends and I were coming up with theories on that one.

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                        1. re: LexiFirefly

                          Did she have a wrist band on? Maybe bringing home to family? Yikes.. Guess like people that bring Tupperware to a buffet.

                            1. re: LexiFirefly

                              Wrist band or not, that's bad form. As someone who plans events and spends a long time figuring out how much people will eat (so vendors can appropriately plan) people like that totally skew numbers. I'm sure the grid had to estimate numbers but it would have been based on how many sliders they thought ppl would eat on the spot ( only so much stomache room!)

                              1. re: hungryabbey

                                It's basically stealing. AYCE means that. And it also means while you're there.