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May 12, 2013 07:07 AM

What are the favorites in East Boston? I love Jalisco but I know there are more...

I love Jalisco but I know there are more. I've heard that East Boston is becoming a destination for foodies. Thanks

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  1. My favorites in East Boston are Angela's and Rino's.

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    1. KO at the Shipyard (Australian cuisine, including great meat pies), Rincon Limeno (Peruvian), Angela's Cafe (Poblano Mexican), Taqueria Jalisco (another very traditional Mexican place), Rino's Place (excellent traditional Italian on the specials menu, fine Italian-American otherwise), Santarpio's (thin-crust pizza, grilled lamb kebabs and sausages, and nothing else), Pollos a la Brasa El Chalan (Peruvian, specializes in rotisserie chicken), La Frontera (Salvadoran, great seafood soup), Restaurante Montecristo (Salvadoran), Mi Pueblita (Salvadoran), Oliveira's (Brazilian steakhouse), Kelley's Square Pub (fine local bar, decent American food), Meridian Market (subs), Sai Gon (Vietnamese), Mama Blanca (Salvadoran), Sonny Noto's (sub / salad kind of place, great steak tips), Royal Roast Beef & Seafood (North Shore roast beef sandwiches and fried seafood), Roy's (subs). Don't overlook Belle Isle Seafood, a fantastic fish market / shore food restaurant, which just moved over the bridge into Winthrop.

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        +1 to MC Slim's recommendations, especially Rincon LimeƱo, Pollos a la Brasa El Chalan and Taqueria Jalisco, which are three of my most favorites.

        I would also add Frio Rico. It's a small Peruvian grocery store that serves excellent shaved ice and interesting ice creams. They close around 8 PM most nights, so get dinner early and head there afterwards for shaved ice.

        So sad that Tawakal Halal Cuisine, the Somali restaurant in Orient Heights closed. El Paisa, the Colombian restaurant around the corner is not bad either, especially for steak.

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          I am glad you mentioned Frio Rico which I was going to add. I also enjoy Helados Juli's which is right near the airport T stop (central american pastries, coffee, pops), but you can pick their pops in a number of markets.

          El Paisa also opened in Central Square near the Pollo Campero, I think its the larger location, although I have only been to the original. In Bennington I find myself more often at El Kiosco than El Paisa including for the bandeja paisa (what I would order for "steak"). Its more homestyle, not necessarily better. At El Paisa I do go for the sobrebarriga and sancochos. Incidentally brunch is probably the most popular meal at El Paisa (and has taken off at a couple of central american restaurants). At Rincon Limeno don't overlook the beans and some of the appetizers.

      2. royal roast beef, rino's, angela's, rincon limeno

        the fried clams and rings and rb sandwiches at royal are incredible.

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        1. re: eLizard

          Do the clams at Royal Roast Beef stack up well against those at the Clam Box, Ipswich?

          1. re: bcc

            i think they are quite excellent. not clam box/falmouth caliber, but really good. and you *can* walk across the street and sit on the water.

            1. re: eLizard

              Thanks. Maybe I won't take the trouble to shlep up to Ipswich when we visit, if East Boston offers similar pleasures.

        2. I'd like to add Cactus Mexican Grill in Maverick Square. Excellent fast food and a good value. Since I don't speak Spanish, I order by pointing.