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May 12, 2013 04:32 AM

Staying in Via Veneto

Going to Rome in Mid May for a very brief stay - any recommendations on good, casual places to eat

Will be doing the tourist thing (first stay in Rome...)

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  1. Piccolo Abruzzo isn't far from the top of the Via Veneto.

    1. Il Localino, on Via Lazio is the best place near Via Veneto these days. Opened by Claudio and Irene, who have now turned over La Gensola (Trastevere) over to their son, they have transferred the exact same excellent sea food menu to this neighborhood. Much more comfortable than La Gensola (which was kind of cramped) they have also just gotten a permit to have outdoor tables.

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        Is La Gensola still the same with the son at the helm?