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May 12, 2013 03:18 AM

Venice inexpensive: Dinner for a Group of 15 - Any Tips?

we will be in venice by the end of may and would love to have one quite nice dinner in an inexpensive place ( 20€ max per person for the food or a choice of pizza and pasta and then some little bit more expensive things aswell).
Last time in venice we have been to Al NonoRisorto which was quite nice and certanly worth reconsidering but i though i ask the experts if there as some better tips in an equally nice setting and price.

I really appreciate you help!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. One place to consider is Trattoria all'Antica Mola on Fondamenta degli Ormesini in the Cannareggio quarter. We've been there twice now; the cooking is simple, but good, and the prices are much lower than in the more well known places.

    1. thanks for the info,
      how would you say it is priced?
      i will definitely check it out!

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        I don't remember any concrete prices, but on one trip to Venice I had fried scampi at Da Remigio, and the next night at Antica Mola. Da Remigio is a well-known tourist place. At Antica Mola the scampi were half the price of those at Da Remigio and twice as good.

        Another interesting, inexpensive place is Da Marisa on Fondamenta Cannaregio, which is in the same general area. At Marisa's the choice is limited to what she cooked that day and the place is frequented by locals as well as tourists.

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          thank you for the info, i will consider both the recommendations!
          i habe somehow heard from da marisa, any chance you have a adress?

          1. re: philie

            Fondamenta Cannaregio, 652
            Phone:+39 041 720211

      2. I took ten people to Il Paradiso Perduto, also in Cannareggio, in January. Long tables, platters of pasta, great seafood platters, carafes of wine, funky jazz-y vibe. Everyone was happy with food, ambiance, price. Fondamenta della Misericordia, near L'anice Stellato. .

        1. Alla Madonna might work. They can accommodate a large group and the prices are very reasonable. I have been several times and always enjoyed the food.

          1. Whenever I've been to Da Alberto, there has always been a big table in the back, with a group. They usually have a fixed menu that is about 20 Euros, and I'm sure you can work something out with them in advance.


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            1. re: minchilli

              thanks for the recomendation, price and quality wise this looks like the place to go!
              how would you recommend working something out? just giving them a call and explaining the plans or will it do if i go there when im in venice?
              thanks a lot!