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May 11, 2013 09:26 PM

How to stick chocolate bow to a cheescake?

I need to make a chocolate bow with strips around a baked cheesecake. I want the cake to show between the strips (I don't want to cover the entire cake with choclate).
What is the best way to stick the chocolate around, and the bow on top, directly to the cheescake?
(Like in the attached picture)

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  1. Maybe just some melted chocolate painted on with a brush right before you affix the ribbons? If you use white chocolate it will match the cheesecake, so you won't have to be too careful about hiding it. Wilton also makes a clear, tasteless "food glue" designed exactly for projects like this. It's called Dab 'n' Hold or something like that, and they sell it at Hobby Lobby and MIchael's.

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      +1 chocolate glue.I am assuming you are making these with acetate, if you can either in the initial step, or afterwards add a chocolate wedge, triangle shape at the bottom Of each piece, then you could always just stab the pieces into the cake.