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Enough with the 'green juice'!!!

I find myself surrounded by colleagues/friends that are obsessed with green juice... moreover, I attempt to be polite and gracefully decline a sample, but usually they always want me to try it or to preach about the benefits. --I know there are many, but I eat spinach with/in at least 2 of my 3 meals a day.. so I think I am covered!

Anyone else surrounded by people who are "born-again" green-juicers?

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  1. And here I thought this was going to be about Midori Sour ...

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      I'll be honest, I had to look that up... and I do love melon: so that sounds so good. When someone asks me if I want some green juice, I am going to say "yes, but only if it is a midori sour!"

    2. I don't mind green juices, but I would hardly call myself a born again green juicer -- since I don't actively look for juices (green or not).

      1. Green juice or not, juicing has definitely caught on.

        I've tasted some good juice concoctions, and some that were, well, less than good.

        I "get" that it's arguably the best way to get the vitamins from many vegetables, but I haven't gone and bought many either.

        As for doing it at home, bah, can't be bothered.

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          It really has caught on. A friend who is a world class bartender is in the process of opening a juice business in Portland, OR. I don't like many of the juice blends out there. But I know that any juice she makes will be amazing. She has a fantastic palate.

        2. Drinks made from dried kale and other green leafy things are immensely popular in Japan, or at least advertised incessantly on television. The same goes for spirulina-based drinks 20-30 years ago. The commercials are hilarious, showing little kids drinking the stuff up and howling about how delicious it is.

          1. I remember an ad about 25 years ago with an octogenerian saying that using his juiceomatic would give you the body of a 20 year old. It was sure to cure cancer, lousy love life, low self esteem, etc.

            What goes around comes around.

            1. I simply explain that my urologist forbids me to eat too many greens as most of them contain oxalic acid which contribute to kidney stones. Many others have to be careful of their vitamin K intake, also common in many greens. Spinach once or twice a week I might be able to get away with, once or twice a day would have my doctor howling in protest.

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              1. Not surrounded by born again juicers, but am diabetic and know that an all fruit juice beverage is equal to 5+ pieces of fruit and would kill me.

                Tried a spinach/cucumber with some apple juice concoction and it was pleasant and my glucose did not rise 2 hours after. Now know that there is something I can have if I go to a juice place.

                1. I make the occasional green or vegetable juice and/or pick one up at the store. Not born again by any means but sometimes my diet will lack the amount of fruits and veggies I prefer to eat so it's an easy way to get them on the go.

                  There are two I love I get at WF's and no matter how hard I try I can seem to duplicate them at home. They are expensive, about $5, but so good.

                  -beet, apple, carrot, lemon and ginger
                  -kale, apple, ginger, romaine, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley and lemon

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                    When you make the beet one, do you use beet greens or beeeets?

                    Do you use Ginger JUICE or toss in ginger?

                    1. re: Kris in Beijing

                      I used red and orange beets, no beet greens. I tried them raw as well as steam roasted.(wrapped in tin foil, 375 oven)

                      Fresh ginger

                  2. I kinda like it. I do not personally juice at home but every time I've tasted a green juice concoction, I've been very surprised at how good it is. I especially like the spinach/pineapple combo.

                    1. Since I only make 'juice' for pleasure, it's rarely green juice. More like orange, red, or purple juice.

                      Eh, where else are you going to find strawberry, cherry, lime juice? Like 100% straight from the farmers market. $$ but way cheaper than if you paid for it from any store/juice shop.

                      The only blue point juice I like is a pineapple, cucumber, mint that I just make at home on the occasional weekend.

                      1. My friend makes me a green smoothie nearly every day, usually with kale or spinach and bananas. He is trying more raw vegan foods for the health benefits. I find them refreshing and energizing.
                        A couple of years ago he dragged me to a transformation class that lasted a month at the local raw cafe. The class included a free sixteen ounce smoothie each day. I went down a clothing size effortlessly and didn't even really notice til I tried on a skirt I hadn't worn in awhile and it fell off.
                        Juicing is a lot more work than making a smoothie but the juices he makes are great. I think the people that are annoying you are just enthusiastic Grace but I understand what you mean. People like the idea of the one true answer but "The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." For example my friend and I have been getting crispy sweet watermelons for a week or two now and enjoying them instead of juices and smoothies.
                        Preaching doesn't work anyway and even though I have kept the weight off I have discovered that watermelon slices and spicy korean fried chicken wings are an amazing combo he he!

                        1. If you have ever been to a park with ducks, you would not want and "green juice" drinks. Gak.

                          1. They probably just want you to be miserable right along with them. I would order a big ass burger and fries and eat it right in front of them. :D

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                              Yes because blending up fries would be gross.

                            2. "But you'll like *OUR* green juice."

                              Mom used to say, "There's nothing worse than a reformed anything." Such is the case here. Having "seen the light" they now feel it's their duty to reform the rest of society.

                              All the juicing discussion aside, the point to be made here, IMO, is not so much matter of the green juice, but of good old fashioned manners. If it were me, I would invite them to, "Kindly SHUT THE F--- UP!"

                              1. Ironically I was at the store this morning--near the front-door, and a store manager immediately came up to me to ask if I was doing the demo today... I had no idea what he was talking about. It turns out it was for some "green-juice" or juicer type product. --Yikes!

                                1. That green juice is pretty awful most of them time. I just realized that I have a juicer, actually two of them, and the only thing that has EVER been juiced with them is ginger. I use ginger juice in a lot of my cooking, and ginger juice to make ginger beer and ginger syrup for cocktails.

                                  1. I started choking down green juices and smoothies after seeing Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley drinking them, til someone pointed out that they were beautiful, THEN they became Victoria's Secret models, and THEN they started drinking green juice. Not in any other order!