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May 11, 2013 08:23 PM

Berlin - Awesome chicken liver from a chicken specialty restaurant, Anyone??!!

Years ago, during my first visit to Berlin, I was taken to a restaurant that specialized in chicken only.
As a starter, my grand uncle ordered me a special chicken liver dish to try. The liver was so good that it remained in the back of my mind till this date! Seared to medium rare, served sizzling hot and smothered in an oily sweet tangy sauce that tasted like a mix between 'Worchester-shire sauce and Ketchup, the skin popped like German sausages when bitten into it and the center was silky smooth and soft. What a taste and textural combo!!
Can anyone let me know if such restaurants still exist in Berlin ( or elsewhere in Germany )and the name of the liver dish?! Better still, an idea of the sauce composition would be great?! ( may be I can then duplicate the dish at home? )

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  1. The only chicken restaurants in Berlin I can think of are Henne and Kleine Markthalle. Neither of them, however, have a chicken liver appetizer, so this place must be defunct now.