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May 11, 2013 06:38 PM

Desperate for Dinner - Etobicoke

Hi all,
I need a restaurant for an early dinner (4ish?) on Monday. It is the day of an important celebration and the first dinner my family will spend with my partner's. I'm looking for a mid-priced restaurant ($15 mains) in Etobicoke, that a bunch of people dressed up wouldn't feel out of place in. This may be a tall! Bonus if there is a gluten-free option for his mother.

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  1. What sort of place do you think will be open on Monday?

    The food will be crap and in the end it will be expensive. All that you will have from this is aggravation.

    Do something else.

    Suggestion. Go to Starsky, get a bunch of deli, baking, fruit .etc and have a picnic.

    You will like it a lot better and you will show your spouses family that you've got brains.

    Anyway, Rocco's on the Queensway is open on Monday but opens at 5pm. The reason I mention Roccos is that there is a Groupon coupon to reduce the pain.

    Take a walk in High Park to kill the time prior if you go to Roccos-its beautiful this time of the year. Park at the Grenadier restaurant and walk south , overlooking the pond.
    Ideal for your picnic.

    Let us know how your dinner turns out.


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      You can try La Veranda - it's not bad if you don't mind all the ugly signs they put outside the place on Royal York. Not amazing, but in Etobicoke and open - it is nice enough that dressed up people wouldn't feel out of place. Also Momiji for sushi/Japanese would probably be open.

    2. Merlot tho they're closer to $20. Steak frites is g-f.

      1. I second the vote for Merlot, also Luci on the Queensway is excellent.

        1. If you are still looking try this place - La Veranda at Bloor and Royal York

          1. Eden is really nice:

            You can all sit on the patio and enjoy a lovely view of the water. A very nice icebreaker.

            The food isn't going to blow anyone away but it's very good and will be pleasing to everyone.

            I don't see hours on the website but I am pretty sure it's open Mondays. Call! Good luck!