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Do you own the Bosch Compact Mixer? How well does it mix for you?

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I bought the BCM because of the YouTube video where the guy makes whole wheat bread with it. (I've yet to successfully make that recipe--if you've done, it tell me how.)

I thought that this mixer would allow me to give away the little Cuisinart stand mixer a neighbor had given to me--nothing powerful, but it was good for making cakes. However, I recently discovered that the BCM is useless for creaming butter: even after adding sugar and then eggs, the butter stays in little globs instead of getting smooth. And when a recipe calls for beating the eggs first, the yolks get plastered against the sides of the bowl.

I emailed the Bosch Kitchen Center in Utah to ask if there was some attachment that would do a better job of mixing a cake batter, but never got a reply. Do you any of you know? I'm very disappointed since it's always been my policy to get rid of an item when I purchase a new one, and I'd really hate to have to keep both the BCM and the Cuisinart stand mixer.

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  1. This post came up when I was searching for info on mixers. I've been looking at the Bosch's for a bit now trying to decide what to replace my latest dead KA mixer with...

    Anyway, there are cookie dough paddles available for the Universal size but not for the Compact size. sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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      Since no one replied from the Bosch Kitchen Center, I figured they didn't want to tell me that either. I'm rather annoyed that I still need my Cuisinart for some things.

      Wonder if Bosch might consider making some other attachments for the Compact...

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        Hello Thanks4food, is the Bosch compact good at kneading bread dough?

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          Yes, it is. I haven't been able to successfully make the whole wheat bread recipe that the guy makes in the You Tube video, but all my King Arthur Flour and bread book recipes have come out fine.

          The BEST bread I've produced so far is from Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book--the Petaluma Rye recipe. The texture was terrific. My husband's favorite recipes have been the pain de mie recipes from KAF.

          By the way, the USA pans are awesome--I never need to coat them with anything and the bread falls right out.

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            Thanks4Food, are you still using the old cuisinart for cake and cookies?

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              Actually, I haven't made either in a while. I think I could make cookies tolerably well in the Bosch Compact, and a thin-battered cake would probably be fine with the whisk attachment (like Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake), but I'd probably have to break out the old mixer if I wanted a thicker batter to come out smooth.

              Part of my problem right now is that I burnt out the motor of my immersion blender and am waiting a suitable time before asking my husband for a new appliance. ;-) I THINK I could manage with a more powerful immersion blender and the Bosch Compact--but will keep the Cuisinart in the attic for awhile to see how I do.

              Wish I could be more help. But I have to say that yesterday I made a very nice loaf of bread (the "Classic Sandwich Loaf" from the side of a King Arthur Flour bag), and was quite pleased with being able to let the Bosch knead it for me for about 5 minutes. The loaf came out picture perfect. So I'm telling myself that okay, it doesn't do everything I had hoped, but as a bread machine replacement, I'm pleased. Esp. since I hated the holes in the bottom of my loaves from the bread machine. Now I can give loaves that really look homemade.

    2. That hasn't been my experience at ALL. I just creamed a cup of butter (batter paddle, not whisk) and made SLAMMIN' cooked flour frosting for the first time to pair with Red Velvet Cake. For those who don't know, this frosting requires major beating on highest speed (~20 minutes or so) before it comes together and my little Compact didn't even break a sweat. I did stop it once while creaming to wipe down the sides but after that I was home free; same after adding the white sauce (which I'd cooked entirely in my Vita-Mix) and sugar.

      Incidentally, there's no need for a separate cookie paddle. Softer doughs are fine with the batter paddle; very thick doughs do just fine with the dough hook. The hook is also great for mixing thick dips and such that have lots of add-ins--their integrity is maintained while they're being incorporated. I LOVE my Compact. It does everything I ask of it with a smile.