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May 11, 2013 02:57 PM

Dinner tonight! Chicken stock for Clam juice?

I am making this for dinner tonight.

But, no clam juice. Would it be all wrong to sub chicken stock? My other option is a can of Progresso white clam sauce I could drain. Or water.

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  1. Chicken stock can be substituted in a pinch. I see no worries. Enjoy!

    1. I know you said "tonight" two days ago - but just in case you come back to this - I bet your chicken broth worked out fine, but next time, if you want more seafood kick from the broth, add a couple of anchovies. Looking at that recipe, I'd recommend melting them in with the onion and oil toward the end of that part of the recipe. It will give you nice depth of seafood flavor and lots of umami.

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        Ah, that would have been a good idea. The chicken stock worked out fine, but I'll keep the anchovies in mind. They are always in the pantry, so easy to do! Thanks!