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May 11, 2013 02:10 PM

In Search of a chicken enchilada-ish dippy thingie

A while back I had an appetizer which had a tex-mex-ish quality to it. I know it had shredded chicken and it may have had beans, definitely had cheese. It was served warm in a baking dish. The person that made it had sent it along to the party with their husband so I was unable to ask them about the ingredients. I figured it would eventually pop up somewhere else, as tasty things tend to but I have never come across it at any parties since then. I don't believe it had any tortillas in the dish, they were just used for dipping. Anybody have any ideas on the other ingredients? I've found a few recipes on the web for enchiladas but that is not what I am looking for. Thanks for any assistance.

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  1. No idea since I have not had it, but a can of enchilada sauce mixed with shredded chicken and maybe some minced, sweated onions would probably be a good starting point. Maybe sprinkle a little Cotija on it, too.

    1. Google: Bonnies Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

      No Beans.

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        Thanks Alan408 but I am trying to find something different. Bored with Artichoke dip and as good as the BCD is...yeah...getting tired of that too.

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          I think they meant that it sounds like a rift on Bonnie's

      2. Queso Fundido Con Pollo perhaps?

        1. A few possible contenders:


          There are a lot of recipes that come up with a search on Pinterest, but quite a few duplicates and most seem to use similar ingredients, e.g. mayo, cream cheese, and chiles.

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          1. i make chicken enchilada filling in a crock, and sometimes, i mix in some cream cheese, sprinkle with cheddar, and bake and eat with wheat thins. trashy, maybe.....but really good.

            i cook a couple chicken breasts in some salsa, cumin, and chili powder for 4 hours in the crock on low. i use frozen chicken breasts.