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May 11, 2013 02:07 PM

West Style Spicy Fish Fillet

Hi everyone
Following this thread:

I'm looking for my favorite dish of China Village restaurant (Albany, CA) called West Style Spicy Fish Fillet soup. The restaurant's closed and I moved to NY and been trying to find another place that serves that dish. Any suggestions?

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  1. You would have to provide more details on the dish and its prep. Who knows what was served at China Village in Albany, CA?

    This dish is called Western Sichuan Pungent Fish Slices
    川西泼辣鱼片 - chuānxī pōlà yúpiàn

    I have not seen it on any Sichuan menus here in NYC but suggest you check Szechuan Gourmet, Lan Sheng and perhaps Legend. Szechuan Gourmet has three different braised or stir fried fish fillet in hot sauce type dishes.

    Szechuan Gourmet:

    Lan Sheng:


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      how is it different from 水煮 魚片?

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        Hey ScoopG
        Thanks, I'll definitely try them.

        And just in case, here's a description of the dish I've found online:

        "the West Style Spicy Fish features a unique element of table-side service, which brings considerable flair to the dish: The soup arrives to the table in a large covered bowl, where the lid is removed to reveal dozens of whole dried chili peppers floating atop the soup’s steamy surface. With a ladle, the server deftly skims and discards this layer of dried chili peppers, straining any excess broth back into the bowl for maximum infusion. Once most of the peppers have been removed with the ladle, any rogue chili peppers are quickly plucked from the soup with chopsticks, until only small bits of pepper remain (as pictured below). Once this short ceremony is complete, the first individual serving of the soup is also plated table-side (as pictured above), providing guests with a quick demo of how to best progress with the meal. From there, however, you’ll be on your own. If you can handle the slow burn, you’ll be fine."

        (Or in short: chili peppers on top, broth, fish fillet, bean noodles)

        And here are some pics.
        Swanee, I searched online the dish you suggested and some of the pics are very similar, so maybe it's the right direction.

        1. re: NoozyTheGreat

          There are no noodles "water cooked fish", but otherwise it sounds and looks similar. It seems to be a dish that has adaptations in various non-Sichuan cuisines: Fu Run, the Dongbei place in Flushing has an excellent version. One can get it with lamb, beef, intestines, even pressed tofu in many Sichuan spots.

          1. re: swannee

            I have seen water cooked fish made with mung bean noodles but I can't recall where exactly. I would suggest asking at Legend.