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May 11, 2013 01:41 PM

Best Italian bakery for pignoli cookies in Bergen/Passaic/Essex/Hudson area?

Looking to pick up some Italian cookies tomorrow morning for Mother's Day. My mom is a huge fan of Italian sweets, especially pignoli cookies.

Willing to go anywhere in Bergen, Passaic, Essex, and Hudson Counties in Northeastern NJ.

In the past, I thought the pignoli cookies at Lyndhurst Pastry Shop in Lyndhurst were pretty solid, but am hoping to find a place that's even better - a truly superb version that's worth going out of one's way.

I know that Calandra's in Newark is very popular in general, but how are their Italian cookies?

Is Rispoli Pastry Shop in Ridgefield really outstanding, or merely good for the area?

Any other leads? Thanks.

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  1. Amore DiNapoli in Nutley next to Queen Margarita. They also have individual Tiramisu etc. Very good Italian bakery.

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      +1 for DiNapoli, and I'll also throw in the Lyndhurst Bake Shop on Ridge Road in Lyndhurst for excellent pignolis and other biscotti!!

      Palazzone 1960 is excellent too!

    2. I like Rispoli ....and Palermo in Ridgefield Park. Both places actually make their cookies and do not come in the frozen white cardboard box.

      If you are near Wayne, then you should consider Palazzone 1960. I posted some pictures in the thread below.

      1. I love the pignoli cookies at D'anna's Italian pastry shop on the Lodi / Garfield border. Great sfingi, cannoli, lobster tails etc... be aware the pignoli cookies are pricey because the nuts are crazy expensive - but worth it as an occasional treat. sweet and chewy. I no longer need to trek to Arthur Ave.

        1. Thanks for all the recommendations, guys. I ended up going to Palazzone 1960 in Wayne, which really isn't too far from me (we go to Willowbrook Mall once in a while, so we're familiar with the area).

          Everyone loved the baked goods from this place. Too busy/tired at the moment to write a full review, but am very appreciative of the heads up. Thanks again guys!

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            Glad to hear you enjoyed Palazzone and were not disappointed.......

            Personally, I'm not as enamored as others are with Calandra's Bakery, but if you want to give it a look and try without heading down to Newark, there's one in Fairfield next time you venture towards Wayne or Willowbrook Mall.

          2. Aromi di Napoli, one of the best Italian bakeries around. Nutley, on the main drag, Northbound side. Also has a restaurant, but the bakery is what to stop here for. Great pignoli cookies too!!