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May 11, 2013 12:35 PM

A pea-pickin' problem

I love my vine peas, blackeyed, cream, purple hull, ect.

1. Do fresh picked peas need to be blanched before freezing?
2. My last bach of blanched, frozen ones produce a mound of grayish, foamy reisdue when I first bring them to a boil. I rerinse them and continue cooking at simmer and they taste fine. What's up with that stuff?

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  1. Yes, they need to be blanched.

    As for the "mound of grayish", I skim off the top while they're being brought to a boil, and continue to skim as often as needed once it's down to a simmer. No need to re-rinse them. It's kinda like making chicken stock, you need to skim, but it'll go away eventually. I couldn't tell you what exactly it is, but I know peas have done that all my life......

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      <Yes, they need to be blanched. >

      What wil happen if they are not blanched?

    2. I never have blanched peas and I think they freeze fine without it. These guys say to blanch for two minutes. -------> so I may give it a try this year and see if I see any difference.

      I don't know what the foamy stuff is but I just skim it off and keep cooking. Never have rinsed them off after and my mom didn't even bother skimming them.

      My unblanched ones or fresh ones foam also so I don't think that has much to do with it.

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      1. This old-ish thread makes some science claims that I'd love to hear more about:

        Googling says:

        6. Natural foam or scum in the cooking water?—Don’t worry.
        If you see brown foam in the pot, this isn’t dirt.
        It’s the protein from the beans coagulating on the surface.
        Simply skim off.
        A bit of butter or oil will prevent foaming.