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May 11, 2013 11:37 AM

Best New Brunch in Brooklyn?

Lots of old faves like Buttermilk Channel and Fort Defiance and Little Neck... but what's new?

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  1. I think it is Saturdays only, but my favorite new option is take root on sackett. Not the standard brunch menu, but extremely tasty and well done. Even the yogurt and butter are made in house. Very special.

    1. Ha. I am old. I think of those places as new.

      1. If you're going anywhere today (Mothers' Day), don't forget that brunch places will be mobbed.

        (who is going to do something OTHER than brunch with her kids today)

        1. Had mother's day brunch at Prospect in Ft. Greene today. It was a very interesting menu and no wait for a table at noon.

          just remembered one strange thing, though. My son ordered a pea & garlic soup, which was delicious, but the menu said it would come with crispy frog legs & instead came with hamachi. No explanation or acknowledgment from the server.