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May 11, 2013 11:15 AM

Brews for Books

John is making me go to Brews for Books at the Indian Valley Library this year. It is not til July 20th on a sat from five to eight and there is an admission fee. II's best to sign up early as they do have to limit the number of tickets they sell. I'm posting this early in hopes that I might have some hounds to hang out with there.
The pics from last years event are on the library's website. Food is extra I believe but there will be plenty of local and not so local restaurants offering grub to soak up all that quality beer. John enjoyed Jesse's bbq from souderton last year.
On a side note I finally figured out where Jesse's is exactly in souderton so John and I will be stopping there soon.

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  1. FYI, There is going to be a VIP session for the fest this year as well. There will be some one-offs along with some rare/new/hard-to-find brews and food will be included for that hour. Tickets are on sale now and the beer list is starting to be formed with just a few brewers listed up there at this point. I'm looking forward to it - I hope you are too.


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      Thanks brooke That would explain the higher price for those tickets. John and I were planning on the VIP session but I don't think he realized food was included. I'm gonna bring some cash so I don't miss any food vendors that may not be in that section. Somewhere on last years photo gallery is even a picture of John. He doesn't look happy in it but he had a good time. :)

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        I will be going ....... got my tickets a while ago.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Woot see you in the VIP section with Jonnie boy and also my DD aka bottomless pit. Hope it doesn't rain real sudden like. I was lucky to get my corn from merrymead yesterday without drowning.

        2. I'm going. :) yes this is givemecabs friend Jonathan. Really look forward to it.

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            Give me cabs??? Don't need a taxi dood I'm bringing a DD.

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              Cabs...carbs its all the same thing...heh. Yah DD tickets are only $10. and bus stop is right there. so don't need a cab. I think regular ickets are $45. Think $50 at the door. VIP tickets are no longer being sold bu they were $60. Oh, if you have VIP tickets...(clears throat)...givemecarbs, doors open at 4...regular tickets they open at 5.

          2. How should I recognize any chowhounds? Givemecarbs is in a silk tie dyed dress. Givemetomatos (or I) am in a black shirt and black pants.

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              Was so much fun! The vip from four til five was worth it. Crab cakes and pulled pork and smoked chicken legs and excellent salad. bbq was from Jesse's and crabcakes were from I did get into an interesting discussion with the round guys reps about Iggls hot dogs. Nice pours from RG.

              1. re: givemecarbs

                OMG, so worth it for the VIP. Not sure what they are doing next year. hope they consider VIP DD tickets for like $35-45. So worth it to get that little extra food. Crabcakes were mostly crab...did run outta food near the end of that hour, but Jesse's stepped in and DONATED more. Oh wish during the regular event someone would remember the vegetarians and vegans. Also, for next year if they labeled clearly what beers were VIP only. All in all though, simply AMAZING. Worth every cent. Totally going next year.

            2. Anyone going this year? Not sure if I am or not. But Jesse's will be there with brisket and chicken