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Uh-oh, what to do with 7 lbs of chickpeas...

This morning's Costco trip involved an impulse buy of a huge can of chickpeas, almost 7 lbs total. I'm now trying to figure out what we can do with them before they go funky. Current plans include a big batch of hummus, some sort of pasta (cacio e pepe e ceci?), and trying a Mediterranean chickpea latkes recipe from Epicurious. Any other favorite chickpea dishes or recipes you'd like to share?

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        Yeah, I love them roasted. I saute first in a little olive oil with garlic, toss in a mixture of cumin, salt and paprika, and bake at low heat in a single layer in the oven until crunchy.

        If you just bake them, toss with the spices when they're still fairly damp, to get them to stick.

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          I usually toss with olive oil and spices and bake. Cumin, garlic powder, smoked paprika, salt, pepper.

      2. re: maxie

        And they will last forever once roasted

      3. Forget the cacio e pepe idea (IMO), but make the base for pasta e ceci only don't add the pasta till you're ready to serve. It freezes beatifully. Let me know if you need a recipe. I would also be tempted to divide the chickpeas with some of their liquid among manageable-sized containers or bags and freeze for later. I am always freezing cooked legumes.

        1. I haven't made this recipe, but I had a very similar version at a restaurant and it was super good. Could either be a main dish or a side, I had it as a side: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/em...

          Also, chana masala.

          1. make falafel and freeze some of them-

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              felafel is made with soaked dried chickpeas not canned.

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                With that much the poster can afford to experiment!

                I'd go with roasted chickpeas a la the first reply, after making hummous.

            2. Just put the extra into freezer bags and freeze. I do it all the time.

              1. Freeze whatever you can't eat before they go bad.

                1. How about the Tunisian chickpea and bread stew called leblabi? (http://low-cholesterol.food.com/recip...) I would've linked to something chowhound, but the only other post about it is by me, asking where to find it...

                  Or, toast them with cinnamon? If you've got a neighborhood with a South Asian influence, try asking around there.


                  1. truman, we just enjoyed these with our lamp chops tonight @ dinner:
                    Chickpea patties! Such a nice crunch. I served them with red pepper sauce.

                    1. Roasted (let me add to the chorus on this! so wonderful)

                      Cold chickpea salad: ceci, diced cucumber, sliced cherry toms (or any toms), diced onion/shallot/ or grn onion, feta if desired, fresh parsley or cilantro, vinaigrette or Italian dsg, S&P. Can add diced chicken even if desired. Mix and eat; marinates well for up to two days also.

                      Sub in for black bean and corn salad/salsa.

                      Any soup with whole beans, sub in the garbanzos: does fine in minestrone, goes well in white bean/kale/sausage soup.

                      Simply warmed with butter, rice on the side. Can add steamed broccoli or greens, or other roasted/steamed/sauteed veggies.

                      They also freeze well, as others have said; portion into one-cup or one-can size into plastic baggies and lay flat to freeze. Keep their liquid for freezing.

                      1. These are some great ideas - thanks, everyone! I'm also glad to hear that I can freeze them, so we'll have more time to try these recipes without ODing.

                        1. I like to cook up a diced onion with chorizo (maybe add some garlic and some good paprika or something hot) and then add two cans of chickpeas and sautee until golden. yummmmm

                          Toasted w. good garam masala or with good fresh grated parm, too.