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May 11, 2013 09:21 AM

Downtown Salt Lake City tonight

Spending afternoon shopping at City Creek and staying overnight nearby. Would like dinner within walking distance. Funky diner, cafe or bistro would be great. Either that or some good Italian. Any thoughts?

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  1. Also needing breakfast place tomorrow AM will be hopping in the car and hitting the I-15 north fairly early.

    1. Sorry that I'm just seeing this a couple of days later (but I'll comment hoping it will help someone else!)- near City Creek I would recommend Eva or Martine for small plates. If you want to go a little bit farther afield, the Copper Onion is just a few blocks walk as is its sister restaurant Plum Alley.

      Zy seems to be getting lots of buzz with folks I know; I've found it good but not great. I would be eager to hear the opinions of others.

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        We had a lovely dinner at Settebello. Fabulous pizza. Fit the bill perfectly, and the gelato was awesome too. Not many options for breakfast on a Sunday morning within walking distance. Ended up at Market Street Grill, it was fine.

        1. re: amalia_c

          Couldn't get into Copper Onion, and choosing Zy over Plum Alley, in part because they take reservations. I will report back!

          1. re: Shrinkrap

            We enjoyed it. We let the waitstaff put together a 5 selection cheese plate, and make a wine suggestion. Daughter goat cheese, mushroom and spinach enchiladas (she is somewhat vegetarian), and I had the flatiron steak. We shared the upside down goat cheese cheesecake.