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May 11, 2013 08:37 AM

Celebrating 50th birthday in London & need restaurant recommendation.

I am planning my 50th birthday dinner in London in October with 15 friends & family who will be travelling for the event. A combination of fabulous food & classic London atmosphere for a memorable evening! Please send your ideas. Thank you!

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  1. I think it would help to know your budget for this dinner.

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      Any idea of what sort of food you're looking for - modern/traditional, British/other, etc.

      For such a large group, you may want to consider the idea of a place which has a private room - hotels with a good reputation for food would be a good starting point (although it was elsewehre in the country, that's what we looked towards when we were planning a large gathering)

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        Thanks for your response. I think a hotel is a great idea. What do you think of Galvin at Windows restaurant at the Park Lane Hilton? Budget max. 150 £ person.

        1. re: butterybaker

          I've no experience of Windows, but ate at Galvin La Chapelle on a recent trip.

          Truth be told, it was a bit underwhelming for the reputation that it seemed to have (


          What Windows has going for it must be the spectacular location. And, so I gather, damn good service - general manager Fred Sirieix has an excellent reputation for providing superb front-of-house. Certainly, I can see it being the sort of place I'd like to celebrate at. I reckon an email or phone call to chat about your requirements would be well worth while.

      2. re: zuriga1

        Thanks for your response. Maximum budget 150 pounds per person.

      3. If that's your budget, I'd recommend the Ledbury in Notting Hill. Excellent 2 Michelin starred restaurant serving excellent modern food using fresh, local, seasonal British ingredients. I've eaten there 3 times and each time the service, vibe and food were excellent.

        Another place that is cheaper that is worth considering if your party are meat eaters is Hawksmoor. There are 4 locations in London. The best steaks in London imho and great sides and other menu options. The cocktail list is excellent too.

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        1. re: thecitylane

          Thanks! I will look into these restaurants.

        2. If you want a classic London atmosphere then how about Rules?
          They have private rooms and the Graham Greene seats up to 16 people.
          The food and service are excellent.

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            I've commented on here in the past that Rules is my favourite restaurant in the capital. If I had realised that it had private rooms, I would have recommended it unreservedly. Well, sort of unreservedly - the cuisine is traditional British, so if you were wanting something with a more modern take on things, then it wouldnt be right. Buit it could be a great place to celebrate - London's oldest restaurant and , in October, it'll be right in the middle of our game season. And game is something Rules does excellently.

          2. With that budget there are few places you cannot go. For my twopennyworth I'd consider a couple of spots where the food will be good rather than great, but where a lively buzzing atmosphere can really make for a good night out. Especially if it's likely you'll be attacking the wine list with a bit of enthusiasm.

            For your (and my) generation Langans Brasserie springs to mind, as does Quaglino's, or maybe The Wolseley

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            1. re: Robin Joy

              Thanks for your response. I love the idea of a lively atmosphere. And a great wine list is critical!

            2. I think the first decision you need to make is whether you want a private room just for the 16 of you or whether you want a table in the middle of a restaurant.

              Whichever you choose it will slim down your choices. For the former Rules is a wonderful suggestion but there are private rooms at many of the fine dining places as well including lovely wine-themed ones at Pollen Street Social and Alyn Williams or Ducasse. On a lower scale the private room at the Zetter Townhouse is lovely and the food is by Bruno Loubet.

              If you want the letter you may find yourself excluded from many of the fine dining places which won't seat 16 in the restaurant so let us know and we will try and narrow it down.

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              1. re: ManInTransit

                Thanks for your response. I would like to be in the restaurant and not in a private room.

                1. re: butterybaker

                  I think you should probably put a call in to some of the places on your shortlist. I would be quite surprised if Galvin at Windows was prepared to accommodate 16 people in the dining room. The same goes for many of the top class restaurants.

                  Have you thought about trying Scotts, the Delaunay or the Wolseley, they are so service-focused that I imagine they would go to great lengths to accommodate you.