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May 11, 2013 08:30 AM

Hyannis Gem: Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat at Gemini Carribean Market

Since last summer I've been dying to get back to the Raw Bar on Ocean St for their jerk chicken wings. This week I was in Hyannis and those wings were on my agenda. Alas, it's still off-season so Raw Bar is closed midweek. Major bummer.

But lo! A tip from girl that works the desk at Hyannis Harbor Hotel. She is from Jamaica, and while she also likes those wings, her favorite Jamaican food is at Gemini Carribean Market, across from the Hyannis Transportation Center. So on her recommendation I picked up some jerk chicken; curry goat (I think it's goat; he set me up with a range of yummy things), potatoes, plaintains, rice & peas, a couple of dumplings. Next time I'll try the oxtail stew, ackee, fried chicken. It's takeout only, no tables. I had a feast when I got back to Boston and I was so happy. Surprisingly I expected and thought it could use more spicy heat, but loved the flavors.

Sorry my camera takes a lousy picture, but here are photos of the menu and my takeout (again the photo doesn't do it justice).

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  1. Home cooked Jamaican food? No they have Ting? LOVE Ackee..thanks for the tip...

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      I had to Google Ackee, a term I had never heard, and the results are a bit scary. If consumed before it's fully ripe it leads to Jamaican Vomiting Disease which can result in coma or even death! As most of it comes from Haiti, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with the quality control of a third world country's exports. That said, I'm dying to try some of the other dishes. The Cape lacks many of the diverse ethnic foods found in the city. Thanks for the tip!

      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        As far as I know, one cannot obtain or serve fresh akee in the US. Most likely it is from a can or maybe a frozen product. Having eaten akee in Jamaica for over 20 years, it is unlikely that unripe akee would ever be served. When the akee are ripe is when the fruit opens up so that it can be abstracted. LOVE fresh akee, canned is slimy and not too appealing. But once it is seasoned the Jamaican way I am sure canned can taste good.

        1. re: chervil9

          Ackee resembles scrambled eggs..I have only had it canned but it's lovely on the tree. The canned version I have enjoyed is served with saltfish and Johnny Cakes. Yumm..I have had it in Jamaica, Anguilla, Antigua ..well, most everyone in the Eastern Caribbean. Grace sells a canned version. I cannot say I ever had fresh but am certain it's amazing.. I have seen Ackee trees in Antigua at Galley Bay Hotel and all over Jamaica.

    2. Great tip. Thanks! Picked up some yummy jerk chicken for lunch today. Only $7.35 for a "medium dish which was a 1/4 chicken (I chose leg/thigh) rice and beans with an oxtail gravy, crispy mixed veggies, and a fried plantain. Quite tummy. I was the only non-Jamaican in the place, and it was quite busy.