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May 11, 2013 08:29 AM

Recs for 3 days in Singapore

We have 3 days in Singapore on our way to Indonesia. Would really appreciate recommendations for places and dishes we should eat while there, especially street food. (If anyone wants to offer a suggested itinerary, that would be awesome!) We've never been there before and don't really know the city at all, but we'll be based in Chinatown, but happy to venture where the food is good.

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  1. Which hotel in Chinatown are you staying at? If you're at Parkroyal on Pickering Street, then Hong Lim Food Centre will be your natural choice for hawker fare. The curry noodles there is my favourite, but other choices are detailed here:

    If you're staying towards the other end where Berjaya Singapore Hotel on Duxton Road, then Maxwell Road Food Centre is more convenient. It's one of the best-known food centres and especially famous for the Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice spot. Other food spots are mentioned there:

    If you have 3 days in Singapore, I'd say spend the first day visiting Chinatown, Little India and Aab Street - you can Google the Chowhound China & SEAsia board for numerous recs for those areas.

    If you're into fine dining, then check these out: