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Cookware Stores in Nice France

Hello, I'm moving from the U.S. to Nice France and am trying to determine where most people shop for cookware/cooking accessories in the south. Are there any online stores that are popular there comparable to maybe a Williams-Sonoma or Sur la Table?

Also, aside from measuring cups/spoons - Does anyone recommend taking any particular cooking accessories with me?

Thank you :)

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  1. If you use/like Oxo stuff, bring that, since it's double the price in France.

    1. Round cake tins with clip closures and drop-out bases (these are practically non-existant). Most tart/quiche tins are also one piece; if you have drop-out base versions it is worth bringing those.

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        We fall over both of these styles at flea markets and vide greniers . They are dirt cheap on the second hand market. Also Oxo. Vide greniers are the French version of garage sales, and stuff is practically free, including quite decent copper cookware. I have bought several small heavy saucepans with pristine interiors at 5€ a piece. Lucky you!

        Also note that all of the big supermarkets like carrefour and superU have very good housewares departments.

      2. Bring your knives. But you knew that already.

        1. if you are prone to traveling with wine, bring styrofoam 12 pack, even if you do not use it, you will be a hit at vineyards that have never seen it.

          1. If I could, I'd bring over a suitcase of American tin foil. The stuff you find here is pretty lame, including the boxes with the horrible serrated edges. How I long for some good ol' Reynolds Wrap & its metal cutting strip. Cheesecloth is also very hard to find.

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              Bring the Saran Wrap, too. The French version is even worse than French alu foil.

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                When l am bringing a chef or foodie a present in most foreign countries, even Canada, the heavy duty aluminum foil in the long boxes easily available in Costco are the item. Jego at CLAJ damned near cried.

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                  WOW! I had no idea... That's good to know. That stuff is easy to carry. :)

              2. thanks for all of these great replies. if anything else crosses your mind, let me know!

                1. Welcome to Nice!
                  I wish I'd brought basic muffin tins and baking sheets. Almost everything I've found in Nice is silicon, so it's worth packing your own if you don't care for silicon.

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                    Sorry, I forgot to answer your initial question! The best cookware store I've found in Nice is TOC, which is located right near the tramway in Old Town. Here's the website: http://www.toc.fr/

                    They don't heave as much pre-made inventory as WS, but it's a nice store for scheming and dreaming and the staff are lovely.

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                      Thanks Julls! I'll check it out. Would love to buy a Kitchenaid Mixer here but the prices are a lot higher here...and unfortunately I've noticed that they aren't discounted during Soldes season.

                  2. This is one of the biggest "Batterie de Cuisine" places in Nice:


                    And, of course, for online you can use


                    Can you provide us with the details of your demanagement? New job? Staying forever?

                    1. Hi Marinmomma, if you're still in the market for a KitchenAid, I just noticed that GILT.com has them on its promo this week for 280EUR. I haven't looked at any specifics, but just thought I'd pass it on!
                      Ugh - I just noticed although it's on their French website, it says it only ships to the US. Sorry, I tried to delete the post but it seems I can only edit it - my apologies!

                      1. Are you settled in in your new place in Nice, marinmomma?

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                          Thank you lemarais! Yes, I'm settled in. Back in the U.S at the moment but will be returning to Nice for the holidays. Trying to figure out if I should bring my KitchenAid mixer over or if it's an electrical hazard. They're so much more expensive in France. I would love to just bring it with me.

                        2. Since you will be moving, my suggestion would be to go to the Geant Hypermarche in Mandelieu and load up on kitchenwares. The pricing there is really decent--and the place is huge! We've made many a trip there each summer before heading off to our apartment.
                          Cookie sheets, tart pans..loaf pans..Actually, go to Bed Bath and Beyond and stock up on stuff to ship over to your new place.

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                            No need to travel that far-- In the St Isidore area in the Northwest side of Nice are 2 very HUGE Hypermarches-- Carrefour and Leclerc. In the Carrefour the employees are on roller blades, it must have 60 aisles!!

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                              lemarais..I pass that Carrefour all the time, but I'm so obsessed with Geant. Now I'm going to have to check out that Carrefour. I love hypermarches!!!!!

                          2. Thanks for the thread. I've also just moved to Nice, and wish I had seen your post before I left.

                            In my hunt for kitchen things I've found the Carrefour at the TNL to be really helpful. Monoprix in Old Town right off the tram line at Garibaldi also has some good housewares.

                            A tip that I got before we left was to bring baking soda and baking powder with us, and I'm glad we did. If anyone on this board has a lead about where to get either of those items I'd love to know!

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                              Baking powder is LEVURE CHIMIQUE and is usually sold in small packets. Baking soda is BICARBONATE and is usually sold in a box. Both can be found in supermarkets (baking section). Good luck!
                              Further note: LEVURE is yeast, so make sure you get LEVURE CHIMIQUE