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May 11, 2013 04:53 AM

A bite after the ballet

The Boston Ballet performance starts at 7:30, too early for a nice dinner beforehand. Where can we go afterward that is near the Opera House? I would like to try Teatro, but I'm worried it will be packed. I need some alternatives.

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  1. Teatro does take reservations. Anywhere good is going to be pack afterward, so a reservation will be essential.

    1. Penang and Sip Wine Bar are quite close to the Opera House.

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      1. re: teezeetoo

        Are there items on the Sip menu that you'd recommend? I've tried a bunch of things but haven't been wowed. I'd love to love it as the location is convenient, it's a great atmosphere and the staff is so friendly.

        Agree with OP that Teatro is a good pick if a table or bar seating is available. To the other suggestions made I'll add Troquet, Kingston Station, Petit Robert Central.

        A few places that are convenient but to which I haven't been, or haven't been lately, are either of the 2 restaurants at the Ritz, and 49 Social.

        If heading back toward South Station afterwards, Les Zyg is an option. I've had excellent food there lately, and the live jazz is an irresistible draw.

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          I went to Artisan Bistro and we sat for drinks - I was fairly unimpressed.

          I've had some success at Sip - the meatballs are amazing, and I really enjoy the arancini although it may not be especially "traditional". Their salads are also fun - it isn't especially fancy, but it's a great place with a stellar wine list.

          I'll ditto for Petit Robert Central or for reservations at Teatro. Also Market by Jean Georges is there if you're looking for a "nice" dinner.

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            I went on a fun bar hop around downtown crossing recently (Kingston Station, Shoju, and Sip). We tried some terrible maki-imposter rolls and a dessert at Sip. Whatever you do, don't order the desserts. I think they must get them shipped on ice as they're these awful little preformed things.

            To the OP: I've had great luck getting seats at the bar at Teatro post-ballet. In addition to everything Niblet recommends, 49 Social has a really great burger, potent cocktails, and nice staff.

        2. Stoddards is a good option nearby.

          1. marliave
            jm curley
            bistro du midi
            abby lane

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                Jason Santos' (Hell's Kitchen runner up) newish restaurant across from the Wang Center.
                I ate there over the winter and thought it was serviceable but nothing worthy of seeking out.

                1. re: Gordough

                  thanks, hadn't heard a peep about this place.