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May 11, 2013 12:39 AM

Gherkins Sandwich Shop, Montara - any reports?

Saw on Yelp many positive reviews on Gherkins Sandwich Shop. Any hounds been there?

Gherkins Sandwich Shop
171 7th St
Montara, CA

Daily 9am-7pm

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  1. It is walking distance from my new house so I've eaten through about a third of the menu...

    When they have the Reuben as a special, it is quite good with very large portions of moist meat and a nice Russian dressing. I'm not sure where they get their bread, but it was decent, but not that memorable.

    Last weekend, after Dream Machines, my fiance and I shared their version of a Cuban and I found the pork a little on the dry side, but my fiance loved it. They served it on a roll which neither added nor detracted from the sandwich.

    And there was one occasion where I ordered a hot pastrami in rye and they completely screwed up and served it on sourdough.

    Overall, thumbs up, I suppose, but it makes me long for the sandwiches in New York (never had a great sandwich in San Francisco except at Naked Lunch).