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Favorite recipes for sauteed/stir-fried leg of lamb?

fldhkybnva May 10, 2013 10:37 PM

We eat quite a bit of lamb but I'd like to find a new preparation. I usually roast or braise but I thought a thin sliced leg of lamb sauteed dish would be nice. Do you have any favorite recipes?

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    honu2 May 11, 2013 05:09 PM

    Here's a Chinese/Mongoian dish: Hoisin Lamb Tacos

    Marinate 1 lb. leg of lamb, cut across the grain in 1/8 inch thick slices, in mixture of 6 tablespoons hoisin sauce and 2 tablespoon honey

    Slice 12 green onions, ends trimmed, into 2 inch lengths.

    Heat wok over high heat; add 1 tsp. salad oil, then add onions. Remove onions to bowl.

    Fry lamb, lift out of sauce, add to onions in bowl. Boil sauce until reduced to 1/3 c. Add to meat and onions.

    Heat 8 flour tortillas (8" size). Distribute meat and onions evenly among tortillas. Divide 1 c. chopped Chinese parsley and 2-3 tablespoons finely slivered fresh ginger on the lamb mixture. Roll up and serve.

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      suzigirl May 11, 2013 02:15 PM

      I hope you don't mind if I but in but I would love to read the suggestions that you get.

      1. MGZ May 11, 2013 06:21 AM

        I know it's actually a braise, but I have made this recipe many times with pork and loved it. I did it once with lamb and thought it even better. Take a look, ok?


        Somewhere I posted about my trials with the recipe and the modifications I have made. I cannot for the life of me seem to find it. I'll look again later unless someone finds it before me. It is a great dish!

        1. 4
          4Snisl May 11, 2013 05:50 AM

          This recipe for Mongolian Beef was originally posted by scubadoo97 (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/748188), but I bet using lamb would be a nice variation!

          Mongolian Beef

          Main Ingredients:
          1.5 lbs Flank steak, thinly sliced
          4 Tbl Garlic, minced
          2 tsp Ginger, grated
          3 bunches thin Green Onions cut into 2" pieces
          1.5 tsp Sechuan peppercorns, toasted and ground (or more to taste
          )6 whole dried red peppers (or more to taste)
          2 cups oil + 4 Tbl oil seperated

          2 egg whites
          1/4 cup cornstarch
          2 Tbl dark soy sauce
          2 Tbl Shaoxing rice wine

          5 Tbl Hoisin sauce
          2 Tbl soy sauce
          2 Tbl Bean sauce
          3 Tbl brown sugar
          1 Tbl white vinegar
          1 Tbl Sesame oil
          3 Tbl water

          Slice flank steak into thin slices about 1" to 2" long. Put into zip lock bag and throw in cornstarch. Shake bag and make sure each piece is lightly coated. Add more cornstarch if needed. Put meat into bowl and add egg whites to coat. Then add other ingredients to coat. Let set for about an hour.

          While meat is marinating, cut onions, mince garlic and grate ginger. Put Sechuan peppercorns in a small pan and toast over medium heat until frangrant. Let cool and grind to a powder.

          Once meat is done marinating, add two cups of oil to wok and heat to 325-350*. Add individual slices of beef to hot oil in batches. I had about 6-8 slices going at a time. Let it flash fry to 30 second until the sides get brown and crispy. Drain on paper towels. When all beef has been fried, remove oil and wipe down the wok.

          Put wok back on stove and heat to desired temp. Add red peppers, garlic and ginger to wok and quickly stir for 10 seconds then add green onions. Continue to stir-try for about 30 seconds then add fried beef back to wok. Before starting to mix, dust beef with ground Sechuan pepper. Give a quick stir to combine and heat ingredients in wok then pour sauce over everything. Quickly stir to coat and remove to plate.

          There should be very little to no sauce left over.

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          1. re: 4Snisl
            fldhkybnva May 11, 2013 07:40 AM

            This looks wonderful. So you think I could just slice the lamb thinly and just cook 30 seconds? I hate overcooked lamb and have only done a slow cooked method so wouldn't want to make it too tough.

            1. re: fldhkybnva
              4Snisl May 11, 2013 02:09 PM

              I think that between the marination and the brief cooking, thinly cut lamb leg meat will still be nice and tender in the stir fry.

              I have not tried it myself, but I would do it for a dinner party without testing if it gives you an idea of my confidence in the swap...

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