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May 10, 2013 08:06 PM

Five Hooks?

Aloha Kakou:

I've read Misha Berson's review in the Times, , but I haven't been yet.

Anyone who has--any opinions or recommendations?


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  1. I went closer to opening and found the food inedible and the service unbearably slow (though everyone was kind). I suppose I should give it another chance, as I live nearby.

    1. We've avoided it based on an early review from friends and the fact that none of the three or four reboots in that space have been good. Didn't realize it's under new ownership. Also, the "makeover" seems really half-hearted and chintzy, but if that actually translates to reasonable prices for good fresh seafood (as the review suggests) I am not one to complain.

      Now that the weather is nice we'll give the Friday night fish fry a shot some sunny evening and report back. The indoor space is really awkward and unpleasant to me.