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Polly- O Fresh Mozz

FYI: Just got it with an OU-D out here on the west coast. Restaurant Depot.

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  1. Where? My friend looked today and it was still kd. Not LA.

    1. I noticed that their string cheeses, even the flavored ones, also with OU D

      1. Noticed the "egg size" fresh mozzarella with an OU at Costco (Brooklyn)

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        1. re: cheesecake17

          Also seen at the Hackensack, NJ Costco.

        2. I likes the idea of the jalapeno string cheese - but honestly - found it slightly rubbery tasting

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          1. re: shanirum

            It didn't taste rubbery. The texture was rubbery.

              1. Found it at the Costco in Hackensack. Hoping someone will share the enormous container with me. So excited to make my own caprese salad!!

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                1. re: DebbyT

                  I've bought different brands before, and it's great on pizza too. Makes for an exceptionally gooey baked ziti!

                  1. re: DebbyT

                    Costco has had it forever, but the Italian buffalo mozzarella they carry is so much more to die for (and a lot more expensive, though).

                    It's the only Polly-O product I'll still touch.

                    1. re: mcf

                      It hasn't always been OU.
                      For kosher fresh mozzarella it's a great price....

                      FYI for anyone looking I saw kosher fresh buffalo mozzarella I'm pomegranate (Brooklyn)

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                          I saw some in Pomegranate, but it was leaking from the package and smelled awful, to the point where washing my hands didn't remove the smell.

                          1. re: PotatoPuff

                            Lemon juice gets rid of that smell. :-)

                            1. re: PotatoPuff

                              Oh no, that's awful. I didn't buy it, just saw it there.

                              Did you mention to anyone working that it was leaking?

                          2. re: mcf

                            MCF- I've been looking for kosher buffalo mozzerella - what brand is it? I don't live near a Costco, but if I know a brand I can ask my local store if they would consider carrying it.

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                              Sorry, I missed the fact that this was the kosher board. Mea culpa. :-/

                              1. re: PotatoPuff

                                This is Polly-o
                                I have seen the larger, egg size at costco
                                Has anyone seen the smaller size? I forgot the name...
                                the large ones are excellent

                                1. re: KosherChef

                                  Greetings... I've seen several different versions of the Polly-O "fresh mozarella", all bearing O-U, at Restaurant Depot. I also bought large blocks of mozz. there-- cost $2.57/lb. The Restaurant Depot "house" brand "Supremo Italiano" (I think) has Tablet-K on some products.

                                2. re: PotatoPuff

                                  I saw some from The Cheese Guy at West Side Market. I wasn't so enthused. It was a bit gamey.

                            2. Does anybody remember the price at costco?

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                              1. re: jasonld

                                I looked at it today but did to buy it, too large for me. it was about $ 12.99 for the 3 pound bucket, maybe 12 .49.

                              2. Used to purchase the tubs of fresh mozzarella at Costco and haven't seen them recently. Any anecdotes or updates?

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                                  Don't know-- I saw them at Restaurant Depot a couple of weeks ago. Maybe they just didn't sell well at Costco, so they got rotated out...