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May 10, 2013 06:25 PM

Brats and polish sausage....where?

Went to the twins game and had a polish sausage at Kramurcaks...loved the sauerkraut and onions on the grill. Now I'm craving there sausages with that pop when you bite in to them. Unfortunately i live in the western suburbs. Anyone have suggestions to something comparable on the west end?

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  1. Not sure if you consider Robbinsdale "west burbs" but Hackenmuellers is good. Not near the selection of Kramarczuks, but good.

    1. I would try Mackenthun's Meats & Deli
      4275 County Road 92 St Bonifacius, MN 55375
      (952) 446-1234

      1. Silly question perhaps, but did you want to buy some to grill at home, or to eat at point of purchase?

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          grill at home...western suburbs would be nice but I can go elsewhere. Is Kramarczuk's the gold standard?

          1. re: kriminalrat

            I second ibew292's rec. Mackenthun's Meats in St. Boni is the place to go for great brats. If you go there during the lunch hour, you can purchase one with all the fixings you like before you buy. They have a few tables inside the store for a quick, sit-down lunch. Be sure to sample the pepperjack salami. It has a real bite, in a good way.

            1. re: justalex

              Got some garlic and scallion sausage and German brats with surly bender at clanceys...keep the suggestions coming.

        2. I would say that Kramarczuk's is worth the trip. They are easily accesible by car and have free parking for customers- a true rarity for any business so near to downtown. Sit down in their restaurant and sample their delicious offerings. They also have a great Sunday brunch from 10am-2pm. Did you also know they have their own bakery? More deliciousness! Anyhow, it's easier and cheaper to visit Kramarczuk's than going to a Twins' game.

          PS- I love, love, love their house smoked pork chops!

          1. Among the best brats I've had in the TC are the Surly beer brats at Oxendale Market on 34th Ave at 50th St. in South MPLS. Great taste, and around $4.99 a pound. IMO, can't beat the price and quality.