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Oct 28, 2002 03:22 PM

looking for Houston suggestions nr Galleria/Westin

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I'm a DC Chowhound coming to Houston for a conference.
I will be staying at the Westin, be on a budget, and dependent on public transportation.

Are there any restaurants within walking distance worth checking out? All types of food are okay.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. If you are interested in some very good seafood, try Christie's on Westheimer.


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    1. re: Howard Coone

      You will be able to find all kinds of places to eat in the area. Problem is public transportation blows in this city.
      Budget minded restaurants to check out are:
      Berryhill Fish Tacos and Tamales at Post Oak and San Felipe. fish tacos are very good. $8-15

      Alexander the Greek on Hidalgo just off sage. Greek food is just plain fun. $10-20

      Amazon in the back of the Pavillion shopping center on Post Oak. South American fast food. All is good $8-15

      Texadelphia Cheesesteak sanwiches on Post Oak next top the greeatest restaurant(its not) ever in the mind of Howard Koone, Christies Seafood. Tasty cheesesteaks with mustard blend. $5-10

      1. re: John Scar

        Texadelphia is a joke. Obviously, you have never had a REAL Philly cheesesteak from Pat's or Geno's. The closest Texan version can be found at Galligaskin's in Ft. Worth.

        1. re: Howard Coone

          Texadelphia is not a classic cheesesteak, never said it was. And I have been to Pat's and yes its better.

          1. re: John Scar

            But is it as good a Christie's? : D

            1. re: Kirk

              Funny thing is, Prince's fried shrimp is better than Christies.

          2. re: Howard Coone

            I agree that Texadelphia is a joke. For me, the next best to the real thing available in Texas is found at Delaware Subs in Austin. Their Friday special italian sausage sub is worthy of sub worship.

            1. re: Greg Spence

              Delaware Sub's cheesesteaks are OK, but what's up with the ketchup they put on em?

              1. re: Howard Coone

                I would never have them put ketchup on my cheesesteak at Deleware.
                Texedelphia's sandwiches were better when they used the original bread they used to serve. No they are not the best but it is sort of a novelty item. Also for a true texas twist on their sandwich I ask for queso instead of the crap they call cheese.

                Jake's Phillysteaks serves a good CS.

          3. re: John Scar

            You should try Charley's Grilled Subs in the West Oak Mall. Delicious!

        2. Try MAVERICK Supper + Whiskey adjacent to the Hotel Derek at the corner of Westheimer and Loop 610 - stone's throw from the Galleria. South by southwestern cuisine - comfort food with a delightful Texas twist. Recommend ribeye and Dr. Pepper marinated pork chops, as well as Shiner Bock Tenderloin. S'mores for desert . . . .mmmmm!

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          1. re: Julie

            I don't think Maverick is budget minded?

          2. You can walk up and down Post Oak Ln. Tons of shops, and a number of restaurants. Nothing "awesome" that I can think of, but you might want to try Eatzi's and
            Ziggy's Deli.

            There is stuff to eat in the Galleria. Many folks seem to really like The Cheescake Factory, but I have never been there.


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            1. re: MidtownCoog

              I'd check out central market and Eatzi's if there wasn't one in my town. CM is on Westheimer about 1.5-2 miles east of Galleria.

            2. i'll also be staying at the westin/galleria, and would appreciate any suggestions.

              can someone let us know what "neighborhood" the hotel is in? i've been trying to look on houston citysearch, but i have no sense of the geography and layout of the city.


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              1. re: pineapple

                Amazingly enough, the Westin Galleria is in the Galleria "neighborhood," but that probably won't do you much good to know since citysearch will probably return well over 1,000 restaurants within 5 miles of that area.

                  1. re: MidtownCoog

                    Well you made me curious, since I live in Houston and only to go Uptown to shop instead of eat.

                    Here's a link to visiting uptown...



                  2. re: pineapple

                    Citysearch is of little help in Houston. They abondoned there office space here a few months ago.

                    IMO the galleria are is one of the worst area's in Houston for food. Sure you can get Morton's, Pappas, and Sullivan's for a steak fix or PF CHangs and Cheesesteak Factory for a chain fix, but generally you are not looking at the cutting edge of culinary adventure here. Don't get me wrong you can get good food in the Galleria I just have a feeling you can get that type food in any relatively large city.

                    If you must dine in the Galleria area and are looking for something a little different try Bombay Palace on Westheimer for Indian food.
                    For Italian, Arcodoro can sometimes be exceptional other times it is a little but of a letdown of sorts. Regardless it has a very nice atmosphere and is across Westheimer from the Westin.

                    1. re: JOhn Scar

                      Try Sammys lebanese(sage and hidalgo).

                      1. re: RV

                        Sammy's is pretty good. Haven't been in awhile though.

                  3. I'm also from DC, been in Texas 5 years. DO NOT go to Texadelphia, you will be totally disgusted as it is so far different from what we have back home.

                    I second Amazon. Bistro Moderne at the Hotel Derek got a good review in Gourmet magazine, but thats a magazine review.. any other hounds tried it?