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May 10, 2013 05:09 PM

What does lemon meringue pie taste like and is it as good as it sounds?

I haven't ever tasted a lemon meringue pie in my entire life. Crazy, right? But I'm planning to make it tomorrow for Mother's Day but I'm not sure if it's as good as everyone makes it sounds. So, what does it really taste like? And if you could give me an awesome recipe for that, I'll be really thankful! Be honest, what does it taste like?
(And what's the difference between lemon meringue pie and tart?) thanks!

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  1. The lemon filling should be rich and very lemony, while the crust is, well, crusty and the meringue is sweet. The three together are lovely. I assume your filling will use fresh lemon juice and grated lemon rind---lemon extract won't do the job.
    A tart can be almost anything with a crust and a filling. Lemon meringue pie definitely has a crust, lemon filling, and meringue (on top).


      This is a simple lemon meringue pie that has a filling made like a traditional key lime pie. It is tart and refreshing, and easy to make.

      1. The lemon part is essentially lemon curd. Crust is crust. Meringue tastes like marshmallow.

        1. We grew up eating lemon meringue pie. It is delicious! The filling should be tart, sweet and lemony, the meringue topping kind of tastes like marshmallows. Here's a link to a classic lemon meringue pie, in fact this recipe has changed little ( or not at all) over the decades, it is the one my mom used:

          The classic lemon meringue pie fililng is a cooked lemon pudding, not quite a lemon curd as the filling uses cornstarch. The cornstarch gives the filling a translucent quality, as opposed to the creaminess of a curd.

          A lemon meringue pie made like key lime pie, using sweetened condensed milk, is not a classic lemon meringue pie. If you want to know what the real thing tastes like, use the Betty Crocker recipe.

          BTW you can use your favorite pie crust recipe instead of BC's.

          As to the difference between a pie and a tart, here's a good roundup of the definitions:

          1. Think of a good flaky pie crust, topped with a smooth lemon filling which is both sweet and tart and then topped with soft meringue. I think the difference in pie and tart is in the crust, the lemon tarts that I have had are made with a shortbread crust. As well the filling is a little different, the tarts are often made with lemon curd, which is thicker and more intense in lemon flavour and rich, the tarts do not usually have a soft meringue on them..