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May 10, 2013 04:08 PM

Condolances Meal

A friend's 14 year old child just passed away. He's a single male and doesn't have the healthiest eating habits. I'm generally a healthy cook. I'd like to take him a meal or two that he can easily heat up in the oven or microwave that will also provide him with some leftovers or something that can be frozen for later use. He's not a picky eater. Any suggestions?

I have a lot of frozen ground venison I wouldn't mind using, but it's not mandatory.

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  1. Cottage/shepherd's pie with venison? Very comforting comfort food. Spaghetti and venison meatballs? A small (loaf pan size) lasagna using venison, that would be 2 meals? I am so sorry for your friend, how very sad.

    1. Venison chili, enchiladas, meatloaf, or sloppy joes would be comforting and freeze well. Maybe you could pre-portion some packages for his freezer. I am so sorry for his loss.

      1. Chili, lasagna, Mac and cheese, comfort food in general.

        1. I'm so sorry for your friend-that's horrible!

          2nd lasagne and meatballs-neither are too unhealthy, just unhealthy enough to appeal to someone with not so great eating habits, and they freeze/reheat easily.
          Perhaps something that can sit in the fridge and he could just graze on? (As opposed to sitting down to a full meal, which might be too much right now.) Pasta salad? Fruit salad? Cold roasted veggies? Italian wedding soup with venison meatballs?

          1. Soup is comforting and is easy to eat when you have no appetite.
            Something about foods which are eaten with spoons I find appealing when I'm sad or stressed.

            Some sort of breakfast sandwich or casserole in individual portions may be helpful. Apples, pears, tangerines are all easy to eat and will last for some time. I can't imagine waking up and having to remember a loss of a child. Pulling together a breakfast would be impossible for me.