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May 10, 2013 03:30 PM

Ruxbin tonight - good choice for last minute dinner?

Hey Chowhounders - happy weekend!

My brother-with-a-discerning-palate is in town (last minute). I want to take him to Ruxbin tonight, but have never been on a Friday night. Worth it? I'm imagining that it would be a pretty long wait on a weekend.

Or, if you have other suggestions on last-minute dining? Haven't found a lot of last-minute availability.

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  1. There's LOTS of last-minute availability, places that show tables available tonight at just about any time you would like. You can make a reservation or, given that there are last-minute openings, you can expect little to no wait if you just show up without a reservation.

    Good places that have wide-open availability on Opentable for parties of 2 tonight include:

    Anteprima - Italian, Andersonville
    Boka - contemporary American, Lincoln Park
    The Bristol - contemporary American, Bucktown
    Deleece - contemporary American, Lakeview
    The Florentine - Italian, Loop
    Mercat a la Planxa - tapas, Loop
    Mixteco Grill - contemporary Mexican, Lakeview
    Naha - fine dining, River North
    Perennial Virant - contemporary American small plates, Lincoln Park
    Piccolo Sogno Due - Italian, River North
    Province - contemporary global small plates, West Loop
    Salpicon - contemporary Mexican, Old Town
    Vivere - Italian, Loop

    These are all great places and you should have no problem making a reservation at any of them (or walking in without a reservation). It's just a matter of what kind of food you're looking for, and possibly geographical convenience.

    If you'd like to mention where you are (neighborhood), we can tell you which of these is closest, and any other deserving candidates.

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      ah, thank you for your quick response!

      in terms of when/where/what - something before 9, in immediate chi metro area. my brother's been to all the "where you should go" places in the city so looking for something that has a memorable dining experience and good/chill vibe. last time he was in the city, he loved vera and nightwood.

      thanks for the list - bristol is a good one i didn't think of.

      1. re: nsxtasy

        amazing! thanks. i'm going for bristol. :)