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May 10, 2013 02:56 PM

Italy First Time - Looking for great food!

Could you please give me opinions on the following places?? Too many choices!! Should I take any off these off my list? Any favorites??
Pizza Zaza
Osteria la Quercia
Settimio All’Arancio
Ristorante Pallotta
Osteria Del Pegno
Le Polpette at Settimio
Fiori di Zucca at Il Cantuccio
La Gensola,
Carlo Menta
Roma Sparita
Il Bacaro
Tavernetta 48
Cul de Sac

Da Nerbone Due
Il Santo Bevitore
Trattoria Sostanza
Antico Noe
Osteria De' Benci
Osteria Vini
Enoteca Pitti Gola
Ristorante Ora d' Aria
L' Osteria di Giovanni
Hostaria Il Desco
Ristorante Accademia
Trattoria la Casalinga
Antica Trattoria "Da Tito"
Il Latini
Al Tranvai3
Trattoria Lo Stracotto

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  1. Many of the places on your list have been discussed here in the recent past. A place like Sostanza has been discussed (and recommended!) often.

    If you go to the upper right-hand corner of this page, you can use the search feature to find what people have had to say about them. Just enter the name of each place that interests you.

    1. You will make yourself crazy by overplanning. Your list is much too long.

      Wherever you are in Italy, one afternoon, just walk around an area with restaurants. The menu is posted in the window by law, so just look at it and look in at the ambience. When you like something, go in, or make a reservation for later or the next day. You won't go wrong. Just relax and enjoy!