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May 10, 2013 02:35 PM

Where Can I find a really good Peking-style Chinese duck preparation and/or to go?

We recently have a frankly miserable chinese duck in at Sam Woo in Alhambra. Skin wasn't very crisp. Meat didn't have a lot of flavor. It was cold with a vaguely warm exterior. Sluiced with a fatty hot liquid that didn't taste all that good. Perhaps it was supposed to warm it up? Everything else we ordered was *so salty* and *so full of MSG* that even our kids would barely touch it and none of us have salt/MSG issues. And we were all famished after the RenFair so it had to be the food.

Sad. The last time we had good duck it took our family (Mr. JudiAU, me, two chowpups) 12 minutes to eat said duck.

We need duck.

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  1. Tasty Duck
    1039 E Valley Blvd
    San Gabriel, CA 91776
    (626) 572-3885

    1. Also, the Peking duck wrapper needs to be thinner. I'm more used to the thin tortilla-esque wrapper in Asia (like the ones they use for that oh-so-authentic Americanized moo shu pork), but in L.A. most Peking ducks I've seen have been served with the thick, mantou-esque bread (Momofuku-style).

      1. Joss Cuisine/Traditional on Santa Monica Boulevard just east of Century City has very good Peking Duck.

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            Not Duck House?

            Duck House.

            It is served with the crepes. You can get it 3 ways with soup and meat sautéed with sprouts. 4 ways if you order a side of the tongue/jowls fried.

          2. Sam Woo isn't known for peking style duck. I'm not even sure if they serve it there because no one would order it there.

            "fatty hot liquid"

            you mean the fatty duck oil/sauce that goes great with rice?

            I'm not saying that all sam woo's are amazing, but this may be a case of unrealistic expectations.. especially if you were looking for peking style and bought cantonese bbq style..

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              with that said, i'd recommend Lu Din Gee (aka Duck House) on atlantic in monterey park


              Tasty Duck in the Golden World Plaza in san gabriel