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May 10, 2013 02:20 PM

Best Pho in Edmonton?

A friend really wants to try some new restaurants that serve pho in Edmonton, especially around the southside. (We like Pagolac but I'm not sure if their pho's the best we have to offer in the city)

What's everyone's favorite places to go for pho? Recommendations would be welcome.

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  1. Won't be south, as my heart warming spots are Tau Bay and King Noodle.

    1. King Noodle is the King of Noodle soup. Tau Bay has pretty good meatballs, but their broth isn't as good. If I need pho on Tuesdays, my friends and I usually hit Nien Kieu. Pho is a downtown only meal in Edmonton as far as I know, sorry.

      1. I normally go to Pho Hoan Pasteur near Kingsway

        1. Tau Bay hands down. Too bad they are closed until July 8th!