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May 10, 2013 01:50 PM

Lunch near Haight St/ Golden Gate park [San Francisco]

I am trying to fill in the gaps for my first trip to SF. I will be going to Golden Gate Park one day and then want to got to Haight St. I would love a lunch recommendation. I have a soy allergy so nothing asian and my friend tries to avoid gluten so I'd like to find somewhere we can both get a great lunch. Price does not matter but we will be in casual dress from biking in the park. I'll be having dinner at Crenn that evening so nothing too heavy. Thanks so much.

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    1. re: foodeye

      Nopalito is awesome anyway, doubly-so if you're avoiding gluten.

    2. Park Chow, on 7th Ave. in the Inner Sunset. Reasonable, diverse menu, all tasty.

        1. It's my opinion that the upper Haight can be tricky for food because it's such a tourist zone. Nevertheless, I recommend checking out:

          The Alembic (marvelous cocktails as well!)
          Zazie (up the street in Cole Valley)
          Cafe Reverie (also in Cole Valley)

          Both Nopalito and Park Chow are in the Inner Sunset, and there are many other great places to eat there as well if you're willing to relocate.

          1. I'll add a vote for Park Chow; I've never had a bad meal there.