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May 10, 2013 01:43 PM

What to order at Trattoria Dell Arte?

My niece has invited me for a Mother's Day / birthday dinner on Sunday at Trattoria Dell Arte.
I have not been there before. I would love some guidance on what to order (and what not to).
Thanks for all ideas.

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  1. Trattoria Dell Arte is popular among red sauce fans so If you like "parm" then try the zucchini parm, pappardelle with eggplant parm or even the chicken parm. The tiramisu is credible. They have a huge antipasto bar though I haven't tried most of their offerings apart from the zucchini parm.

    It's a solid restaurant though not in the same league as Babbo, Scarpetta and other CH faves.

    1. Antipasto and polenta. Avoid complicated dishes.

      1. Thanks to both for the very useful advice.

        1. I go there a few times a year for business lunches and I agree with the antipasto, I like the caponata. I usually have some kind of pasta and they have all been good; not great, but good.

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            I usually get the pasta there, I go maybe once a year. The pasta is OK at best, but sometimes you just need a quick and reasonably priced pasta fix.