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May 10, 2013 01:36 PM

Are Herb Scissors Necessary?

I am looking at herb scissors. There is one pair that comes highly recommended made in Germany. Stainless steel Kutchenprofi or something like that. Anyhow, I need some ideas. I have the round indented cutting bowl with a rocking type blade. This may be enough. Yet, many say these 6 blades I believe scissors such as the Kutchenprofi brand ones are great. Others say herbs get stuck in the ones with several blades but it could be the cheaper made ones that this occurs.

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  1. They certainly make things easy, especially for snipping chives or other delicate herbs that would otherwise fly off your cutting board and get all over the place when chopping. But are they necessary? Not really. I use a regular pair of Fiskars scissors to snip my chives and that works just fine. It's a matter of whether you're willing to pay for convenience.

    1. I agree with mbCrispyBits. They are kind of nice to have if you want to cut some herbs into the dish, but I won't say they are necessary. I think it really depends how often you think you add these herbs to your dishes.

        1. I put chives from my garden in everything and chop them with a chefs knife on my cutting board. They never fly anywhere.

          So I agree with Chem that they are good for snipping directly into a dish but I can't see much usefulness past that.

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            I cut the chives up with a sharp knife while holding them in a bundle like. I have them growing out of a big clay pot.