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May 10, 2013 01:31 PM

The Sourdough Barter System

My husband's Uncle is going to give us a bunch of tomato plants, eggplant plants (that sounds weird,) and pepper plants for our garden. I figured I would make them a loaf of sourdough bread in exchange for the plants.

However, I'm a little bored with just plain sourdough. I've made walnut and cheese sourdough before, and blueberry lemon a long time ago, but I'm wondering if there's some flavor out there that I haven't thought of, like chimmichuri bread with parsley, garlic, and red pepper flakes, or any suggestions you might have?

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  1. I enjoy rosemary, lemon, olive oil, salt.

    1. I love wholewheat sourdough (30% white, 70% whole wheat) with coriander seeds & raisins. For a 1lb loaf, I use about 2 tsp. whole coriander; toast it in a frying pan for 4-5 minutes, then grind with a mortar & pestle (or spice grinder); I also use 3/4-1c of raisins - soak them in hot water for 30 minutes, then drain. Use more raisins - up to 1.5 cups if you like them. I add the raisins & coriander to the dough after mixing is complete. I got this recipe from Tartine Bread, and it is wonderful toasted & slathered with butter (what isn't?!?!).
      I think the coriander & raisins are a dutch thing.

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      1. Onion and cheese used to be my favorite when I was buying from this bakery up in La Honda, a few eons ago. The baker was a retired lumberjack who'd taken up baking just because he couldn't buy good enough bread, and since he was new at it - and good at it - he just followed his whims, or sometimes customers' suggestions.

        Another small-bakery fave now is a sourdough rye I buy at the Pasadena Saturday Farmer's Market when I can get there in time; it tends to sell out fast. My liking for rye bread is a fairly limited thing, but that stuff I love.

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        1. re: Will Owen

          Do you think the onions were dried or raw when mixed into the dough?

        2. My default is "cereales" ala Eric Kayser Paris. It's the best bread I've ever had. Your best artisan sourdough loaf, with amaranth, poppy, sesame, brown and yellow flax, bulgur, +\- sunflower seeds. I pre soak everything but the sunflower before adding, otherwise it messes up noticably the dough hydration.
          Added bonus that the seeds add mucho nutrition.

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          1. re: splatgirl

            I do like seed bread, if comes out so much better than when I try to coat bread with seeds, they always fall off during slicing.

          2. I know it's against the grain of your query, but maybe your Uncle isn't bored with plain sourdough? I love it, and generally have not been so fond of breads filled with extra ingredients. But you can be the judge. Just my two cents...

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            1. re: Bada Bing

              That's a good point, just because I eat sourdough all the time doesn't mean everyone else does.

              1. re: zitronenmadchen

                Another suggestion against the grain (hah!). If your uncle is the type who might enjoy making his own bread and if you're happy with your starter you might give him a loaf and some of your starter.

                1. re: nokitchen

                  Yes, yes, you're all very punny. Actually that's a good idea. I dried out some starter to send to a friend in Staten Island in October, but then there was the hurricaine, so I still have a bag of starter hanging around.