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May 10, 2013 01:00 PM

Montreal restaurant near Latin Quarter after traveling all day.

We will arrive in Montreal on next Saturday evening after having traveled for about 12 hours from USA. The problem is - not being sure what exact time we will arrive it will be hard to make a reservation and it will be a Saturday night. Our hotel is on Sherbrooke near the metro station (on the edge of the Quartier Latin). I thought of La Paryse. Any other thoughts? We are pretty adventurous as far as ethnic cuisines. As far as walking in to a restaurant without reservations, are we going to be in a long line if we arrive after 6:00?

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  1. La Paryse closed a few months back, so that won't work.There are plenty of choices for a Saturday night that won't require a reservation - it's a short-ish walk south to Chinatown. Being a long weekend here, it may be quieter than usual, as many locals leave town, but it's hard to say, so you might have an easier time getting in to most restos without a reservation than you otherwise would on a Saturday. There's Les 3 Brasseurs nearby on St. Denis, which is okay for what it is. Or you can call a few places as soon as you get in (or try opentable if you have internet en route, once you have a better idea of your arrival time, like L'Express, which is fairly close to your hotel.)

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      This might be a good time for Chinese... Good tip about the week-end. I had forgotten that aspect

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        Thanks for mentioning L'Express. We may try to make reservation there giving a bit of a cushion for time. It looks like a good within walking distance resto.

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          L'Express is a good idea, or Pintxo is an easy walk from Sherbrooke. For a casual meal where you can easily walk in without an reservation, Saint Sushi Bar on Duluth has delicious, original sushi. Or the seafood pancake at the Korean place Restaurant 5000 Ans on St-Denis is always good.

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            Thank you very much. Two great ideas. Looking forward to being in Montreal in about a week. Merci beaucoup!

      2. I see cherry beat me to this - alas La Paryse has closed (sad about that). You are very well located - don't worry, you won't have to starve or eat junk food. By "next Saturday" do you mean tomorrow? Or a week from now? Which métro station are you near, Sherbrooke?

        What are your food preferences?

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          A week from now. We are near the Sherbrooke station. We already have reservations at Joe Beef, Au Pied de Cochon and ITHQ for later in the week

        2. We went to Cogagne, french style bistro, last weekend for 20$ meal special served after 930 pm includes choice of appetizers and mains. We found it good value (mushroom soup, smoked salmon with shaved green apple side, ravioli with cerf, fish) and lemon pie with crumble, meringue served in glass. It was near Sherbrooke street on st. denis. They are also open at 5:30 for regular menu. It will not be crowded. I found it to be quiet and pleasant, not that far for you to walk. Chinatown would be much further for you to walk. I wouldnt suggest places in Latin Quarter.

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            mangoannie, I clicked on their site and it looks really good, though dessert doesn't seem included (rather a starter). It is also extremely close to Sherbrooke métro.

            No, not Chinatown on first night arriving. It isn't really far, but downhill going and uphill back, when you will be well-fed and the fatigue will hit.

          2. If you are by Sherbrooke metro station then you are close to ChuChai, a delicious faux-meat Thai restaurant. (4088 St-Denis, just north of Duluth.)

            They recently remodeled and there was some skepticism on this board whether the food would be the same. I ate there a couple of weeks ago and it was as delicious as ever.

            1. Hello all! How is the crêperie at the corner of Carré St-Louis (southern corner of the square and St-Denis). I remember good write-ups about it when it opened, but nothing recently. That would be extremely close to anything near Sherbrooke St and métro station, and a pleasant light meal it one is tired after a long drive or flight.