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May 10, 2013 12:46 PM

Canadian Maple Products - less expensive than tourist traps?

Making our first trip to Montreal in six years. The last time we bought maple sugar candy and "sucre erable croquant". Both deliciously addictive and very expensive. Do they sell these items anywhere else such as a grocer or spice shop where they would be less expensive?

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  1. Try the Jean Talon market, there are 2 or 3 vendors selling a large variety of maple products. Additionally, Marche des Saveurs has a lot of maple based products - also at JTM. Good maple products are often pricey.

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      Went to JTM yesterday and enjoyed the variety of products in Marche des Saveurs (on edge of market stalls) and they have lots of maple syrup products etc. Loved the frozen leek,pear, blue cheese, walnut quiche from Fougeres in Chelsea. Bought some frozen tir (maples syrup taffy) as well. There are stalls with maple syrup products in the vegetable section of the market but I didnt compare prices

      1. re: mangoannie

        Les Fougères products are always good. Thanks for the tip, I've bought their tourtières when I didn't have time to make one, but I have a vegetarian friend coming this weekend. JTM always has good prices for maple syrup in tins.

      2. re: catroast

        JTM or Atwater market both have a few vendors with a good selection.

        If you don't want to venture too far from Old Montreal, you can even try the IGA under Complexe Desjardins. IGA is a large grocery chain but you will always find maple syrup and often (but not always) some maple crunch or maple candies.

        Don't worry, the maple products will be just as good from a grocer as they all come from the local farms. In fact, it's probably better quality at a grocer than the tourist souvenir shops.

        1. re: SourberryLily

          marche bonsecours has a maple product shop

      3. this does not specifically reply to your price question, but if you are in Old Montreal you might want to stop by this maple syrup store for the variety of products. I have a weakness for their cookies and often when in that neighbourhood stop in for a treat.