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May 10, 2013 12:23 PM

The List - six days in Paris!!

Almost there!!! Hopefully this time around the reception will be a little better!! Considerations are we got crushed by August closures and that my wife is a veg who eats fish and we have a certain 14 year old boy in tow so we can't get too experimental.


Le Cuisine de Philippe
Le Compaigne de Bretagne
Chez Plumeau
Cafe Francais
Picnic from Marché Notre Dame at Versailles Gardens


Les Pipos
Au Dernier Metro
Pamela Popo
We still are planning on our big group dinners at Chez Flottes (yes I know) and La Coupole (again baby in stroller at these two as well)

So we have one dinner to nail...................I am inclined to keep Epicure as the last night of a fantastic vacation (not worried about the expense) but that means we don't get in a place like Bouillon Racine.

Go with Epicure?

Am I done with this list yet??!!!

Major props on this to my new friend for life Parnassien who has been incredibly helpful kind and a huge resource - merci!

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  1. btw loooved l'Auberge Etchegorry bit it too fell victim to August............Au Dernier Metro though seems an ample substitute for our Basque night!

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      one update - we are substituting Square Trousseau in lieu of Cafe Francais...........

    2. To me, the thing about your list is that it's a bit of a "last minute" list (except Epicure), ie, no need to plan and reserve in advance. As a planner, I understand, but again, I think you may want to rethink your list as August approaches and a more definitive summer closure list becomes known.

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      1. re: Nancy S.

        Not quite following....................I pretty much called most of the spots and had the concierge call some others - I was either told we are closed x weeks in august or x days or no we will be open. So are you saying this landscape may change and some who said we are closed may decide to stay open?

        on the no need to reserve - do most of these new ones not take reservations or they just don't book out in advance so really not necessary?

        so if i am a little slow :)

        1. re: davidcotyalex

          Personally, for me, you're list wouldn't provide me with enough ultra deliciousness, although you're high on the local factor. I'm just thinking that it's possible that other options may present themselves in the next 3 months that may seem more desirable. Also, although reserving is always good, I think all of your picks (except, again, Epicure) would be surprised to get such an advance reservation request. I'm just starting to reserve for June, and I'm an uber-planner as well.

          1. re: Nancy S.

            gotcha............yeah we are really good with where we ended up....and yes the local factor is really what we were aiming for


      2. Looks good... I'd plot all your choices and other options for backup in the same neighbourhoods on a google map.

        Café Français will be logistically easier for a large-group rendez-vous... the Bastille is so easy to get to. But the setting of le Square Trousseau is probably more of what you're looking for. But whichever, I'd also include a browse of the nearby markets ... Marché Aligre (both covered and open... the covered market and shops on the nearby streets have the much better quality than the stalls in the open market) just a few minutes from Le Square Trousseau and the very large and bustling Marché Bastille on the boulevard Richard Lenoir before or after your Sunday breakfast/ brunch at Café Français... btw, both markets tend to start winding down after 1:30pm... unfortunately, both will be significantly reduced because of August but still interesting

        Re rezzies, it's actually safer to book a table closer to your date... French restaurants are not always as efficient as they should be with advance reservations. If you do book early, make sure your concierge or any French-speaker checks a day or two before your reservation to make sure you do in fact have a table.

        We locals certainly don't book early... I tend to ring for rezzies the day before or the same day and almost always find a table ... if I can't, no big deal and I just try somewhere else... there are very few restaurants that cannot be replaced by another of equal or better quality in walking distance ... only in the case of, say, Septime or Rino would I ever consider a making a reservation more than than a week or two in advance.

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        1. re: Parnassien

          "I tend to ring for rezzies the day before or the same day and almost always find a table ... if I can't, no big deal and I just try somewhere else... "
          Me too except when I cannot get in it's time to move on. So much to do, so little time to do it.

          1. re: John Talbott

            thanks - you all have been extremely helpful - looking very forward to this trip!!