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May 10, 2013 11:41 AM

Aberystwyth dinner help please!

So, Aberystwyth .... there must be somewhere nice in the city centre where I can take my god-daughter for dinner. Ideally Italian or good pub food. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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  1. Hardens offers you the restaurant at the Gwesty Cymru (where the menu looks a bit fusiony to me - that is rarely a good thing IMO) or tapas at Ultracomida.

    West Wales is something of a foody dessert in my experience (which is, admittedly, somewhat limited)

    1. Answering my own post from a couple of years ago after a few visits. Sadly, no more as the lovely God-daughter graduates this year. Beautiful seaside place, with a few hidden gems for eating. Baravin has execllent pizzas, a long cocktail list, and at present, a delicious blood orange granita on the pudding menu. Little Italy is good basic Italian, with huge portions. There are a number of independent cafes, including a new branch of the Cardiff based group, Coffee1, for good coffee and cakes. Finally, in the summer, lots of shops and kiosks selling Welsh and Cornish ice cream.