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May 10, 2013 10:52 AM

Cookware Stores & Websites in France


Hello, I'm moving to Nice France and am trying to determine where most people shop for cookware/cooking accessories in the south. Are there any online stores comparable to a Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table?

I would love to also get some advice on what I should make sure to bring over there in a suitcase.. that's not readily available already.

Thanks very much

  1. Try posting in the geographically appropriate board too

    1. no, there really isn't a W-S or Sur la Table.

      Get to the market. Talk to the vendors - ask them how to prepare things (even if you think you already know). Spend some time wandering the local supermarkets -- and cherish every minute of having fresh, local produce available to you.

      There's really nothing that you've bought in the US that you can't live without or find a good (or better) substitute for.

      1. If you plan to bake from favorite American recipes that use volume measures, you may want to bring a set of dry measuring cups.

        1. Ditto on the measuring cups and measuring spoons - if you are going to cook from your American recipes. I lived in Paris, so the cookware selection was incredible, but when I traveled around the country, even smaller villages had a local store that had some really good cookware. Nice is a major city, so the cooking supplies will be abundant and fabulous locally - no need to order online. Find out where the weekly outdoor markets are and you will have hit the jackpot for amazing foods and gadgets, etc.