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May 10, 2013 10:35 AM

Partial vegan eaters?

I'm curious how people besides Mark Bittman live their partial vegan diets? What do you eat that's vegan? How often do you eat non-vegan? What else do you not allow in your diet? And what are your reasons for the partial vegan diet. Thanks...

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  1. I've gone from being totally vegan (for health reasons) about 15 months ago to "veganish" today. I don't eat meat, but will occasionally eat fish. I eat 1 egg a week (Sunday breakfast), consume very little dairy.

    Unless your friends and family are vegan, it's socially very difficult.

    This compromise works for me.

    1. My DH calls himself vegan, but eats cheese or small amounts of dairy sometimes when eating out, particularly if work related. He follows a plant-based diet for health reasons. He compromises primarily in social situations.