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May 10, 2013 10:17 AM

Sunday Dinner in Georgia

I'm driving from Greensboro to St Augustine on Sunday. I had my heart set on B&J's in Darien. It closes at 2:30 on Sunday. I MIGHT be able to get there by then, but, it's I95. Who knows.

Anybody know a place I can stop if it's too late? Tks.

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  1. Hi Sue

    I have no personal experience with this, but I have read recommendations on other threads on CH about Skipper's in Darien and Tipsy McSway's in Brunswick. If you search for them you can find the posts, as well as other information on the 'net.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Hi dawg,

      I've been looking. I may have to stop earlier just because places I like close early on Sunday. Thanks for the tip. I'll report back if I don't get mowed down on 95.

      1. re: Sue in Mt P

        You can always try Southern Soul in St Simons in a pinch. Open until about 4pm on Sundays. Not the best bbq you've ever eaten..clientele are a mix of golfer types from St Simons, tourists like us, and normal locals....but I thought it was good enough to make a second visit on the way north back to NYC after a winter in Florida. (It did pale after a second visit to Lexington, NC, however)

        Did you look at the other recs here for eating off I-95?

        Richmond Hill and Pooler--both have outlets of Smokin Pig-- seem promising altough I would not put these in the category of B&J's mainlycause that shrinp at B&Js is really hard for us Yankees to come by at any cost! SouthernSoul is a bbq joint so apples and oranges.

        Did you take a look at the afore mentioned Skippers? Darien seemd like a haven for good food..I wish I could have spent longer in the area and will plan to do so next winter..just few blocks off I-95, too!! Local hotel staff were high on a few places on rte 17 in the Brunswick area.

        PLEASE let us know how you fare, as we plan to come along this route again and again...and if your route takes yoou through Staunton, Va, take a look at my report on Zynodoa...out of the way but very much worth while.

        1. re: erica

          Thanks Miss erica!

          I may have to get up earlier than I thought. I luz my shrimp. I've got the Que covered-we get that all the time. I'll look at Skipper's and let you know how I do!

          1. re: Sue in Mt P

            B&J's is the 1st choice if you cannot get there Skippers or Mudcat Charlies would be a close by alternative. Sunday in Brunswick would limit you to chains same for Kingsland/St Marys

            1. re: Sue in Mt P

              Skippers and Mudcat seems to be on the water, whole B&Js in in a tabby-sheated concrete-block type building on the main road. No is outstanding.

              We did pass a popular buffer style spot en route from Rte 17 to the Causeway to St Simons.....take a look, quite a few seem to be open Sundays but we did not have time to try:


              I'd make the effort to get to B&Js......even we NY-ers ignorant about Low Country chow wwere smitten, and will be making a detour to get there next winter.

              And do not forget nearby Le Creuset outlet near Yemassee, SC.

      2. Skippers is really good and a great setting, especially if its nice outside.

        1. I guess you are familiar with the usual suspects in Savannah?

          We like Skippers and Mudcat Charlie's. Skippers is nicer and a little better, imo.

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          1. re: kengk

            Thanks. Yes, I know the good places in Savannah. I lived there for several months and had a blast. I was looking for a place new to me. I am sure one of these will do. I'll try to leave way early.

          2. OK, so I got up early, blew through NC and SC, and got to Darien at 12:30. I was so excited! Of course I forgot to factor in Mother's Day and church. The lines were huge. I just kept going and ate (sigh) healthy snacks in the car.

            Maybe on the way home.