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Las Night's Hannibal

Last night's Hannibal had very graphic food scene. Near the end of the episode Dr Lechter is shown preparing a very elaborate meal containing actually beautiful shots of various meats. I don't think I need to tell you where this meat came from. It ends with Hannibal serving an elaborate meal to guests. Did anybody out there watch this? (I don't expect anybody from Utah to reply where the show has been pullled.)
I really don't know the definition of food pornography but that might be it.

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  1. I wondered if this show would come up on CH! I've watched from the start. I didn't know it had been pulled from Utah. wow.

    I'm sure you've also noticed every episode of Hannibal has had a food theme and a food related episode name. Def. food porn... of the most disturbing sort.

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      btw, did you catch the scene with Hannibal's recipe file in this last episode. He keeps a file with victims business card on one side and the recipe he uses to prepare their organs on the other....creepy!! And his freezer....

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        Actually to be more clear it was pulled from the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, (which I guess serves the lion share of Utah.)

      2. Celebuchef Jose Andres is the show's food consultant.

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          Really? That's fascinating - because this definitely skirts that edge of food porn, but in a very uncomfortable tone. Basically a modernized version of Titus Andronicus.

          While clearly giving a hint to where that play's final act is going - the Julie Taymore film, Titus has a similar final scene visually speaking.

        2. Hannibal has been renewed for second season. It will be again premiering as a mid season replacement.

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            I'm still following along. Not many food reference this week but the show is so provocative I can't seem to turn away.

          2. Stumbled across the food stylist's blog. This is pretty fascinating reading.

            And now I know that they use microwaved tampons to create steam in food scenes for the camera....

            1. I love the food styling on this show! So fun to see.

              Does anyone know what recipe Hannibal was using when he was making breakfast for Abigail in the first third of the series I think? It was some kind of beautiful bread and egg combo in a frying pan...

              1. Bumping the thread because Season II of Hannibal is starting Feb 28th.

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                  Anyone else still watching Hannibal? The food in tonight's episode-3/28-looked fantastic.

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                    Hannibal has been renewed for a third season. Has anyone been watching the last few weeks with Mason Verger. Last week he did to himself what was referred to in the Movie Hannibal, ("I'm full of myself.')

                    There seems to less food scenes this season, but the one with the fish comes to mind.

                    It's interesting that Kids in The Hall member Scott Thompson is playing a lab tech. About 19 years ago he made a movie called Brain Candy.