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May 10, 2013 09:48 AM

Really enjoyed Maysville!

Just had a really enjoyable meal at Maysville the other night. The bar and dining area is long and narrow, we were there early so the interior was nice and bright. Greeted by a pleasant guy that told us it would be a little while until service started so we waited at the bar with a couple cocktails, I had a barrel aged Manhattan (not just the Bourbon but the actual drink is aged), it's was excellent and incredibly smooth, GF had a whiskey based drink that was actually quite refreshing. We then moved to the table and while we were still working on our drinks an dlooking at the menu they brought out some little bity corn bread rolls that were hot and moist and full of corn meal flavor, they were very very good. I decided to start with a 1/2 dozen oysters (Pemiquid), they were nicely chilled and nicely cleaned, the oysters themselves were firm and full of briny goodness. For starters, GF had a charred asparagus and poached egg dish, she really liked it and thought the intent was to have the eggs yolk act almost as a dressing but she said it would have been nice to maybe have something else to catch the excess egg. I started with a braised rabbit and grits dish which I really enjoyed, there was a broth/jus that was addicitive. For mains GF had a double portion (she is a vegetarian) of the agnolotti which she really liked. For my entree I had what I think was the hit of the night, the smoked trout, it was, for my tastes, perfect (YMMV). So moist, so tender, so subtle smoked and so easy to eat, this fish didn't stand a chance!

The only thing that didn't really come off as wonderful was the service at the table, it was a little unpolished, kind of clunky but maybe our server was new or having an off night and I need to say that it's not like it was so bad that it detracted from the evening but I wanted to be thorough.

When we left the place was packed, both dining area and bar.

The menu had so many things I wanted to try it won't be long before he head back.

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  1. I'll second this - I've been to Maysville once for dinner and once for brunch and both times were great... it's just a few blocks from home and I'm glad it is since it's on the short list of new places I've been this year that had me already planning a return trip while still dining (would have gone back for a second dinner already but for the fact that friends had to cancel a trip to NY when we were planning to go to Maysville).

    The smoked trout dish is a winner and we've had the smoked oyster appetizer both times and really enjoyed it. The brunch menu is tasty, too, and my wife - from the south and a real Southern food fan - said that the Maysville biscuits and gravy are in the top two of any she's found in NYC (Tipsy Parson being the other, with Maysville's being more traditional). Both times I was there, the place was fairly full and I've noticed that prime time reservations have been booked out on Open Table - good to see a fun, casual place right nearby doing well, and glad you enjoyed it, too, Spiritchaser.

    1. Thanks for the info. Don't get out in Manhattan much anymore and thinking about going here soon. Any had any of the other entrees?