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May 10, 2013 09:39 AM

Name change

How can I change my posting name or "screen name" to something else?

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  1. Changing your username is not an option, unfortunately, so you'll have to register a new ID. You will lose your posting history (though the posts themselves will remain under the old ID), favorites, etc, and start from scratch if you register a new username.

    Only one username can be registered per email address, so if you want to switch usernames, you will either have to use a different email address, or, if you don't have one, let us know at moderators@chowhound.com, and we can work some magic on the back end to free up this address for you.

    If you decide to go with registering with a different email, please let us know when you're done so we can deactivate this account, as having two active accounts isn't permitted.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      Ah, thank you. If you could change my username to Translucent, it would be greatly appreciated. I only have one email address that I'm aware of. Can you? Thanks very much.

      1. re: Lisa Davidson

        We can't change your name, either. We have deactivated your current account and freed up the email address, so you can re-register. (We'll send you this message by email, as well.)

      2. re: The Chowhound Team

        Hi I'd like to have my email freed up for a new registration. Waiting for the magic to happen...

        1. re: babybellyfat

          I think you need to email the mods at moderators@chowhound.com in order to make that happen...